Ch .5.

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Alexandra didn't wait around to meet Cheyenne or anyone for that matter. She walked out of the room and down the halls, it was oddly quiet and empty, so Alex assumed it was either daytime or the club was closed but the latter was highly unlikely.

She slowly and cautiously made her way down a first flight of stairs, then a second and found herself standing in the middle of an empty dance floor.

The exit sign was lit with a bright green above a massive door and within the door frame stood Asha, frowning at Alex.

" You should really let doctor Lavoie take a look at you before you leave, unless you don't trust us enough. In that case you can leave right now" Asha spoke very calmly and stepped aside. Alex took rapid steps towards the door, but slowed to a halt when she was in front of the redhead. Alex's eyes locked with Asha's and the blonde leaned in slowly placing a soft kiss on Asha's lips before turning and sprinting out of the building.

Alex couldn't get out of that building fast enough, her heart beating abnormally fast and her thoughts racing

"Why the Hell did I just kiss her? What is going on with me?" the blonde thought to herself while tracing her finger over her tingling lips

As soon as she was out of the crowded streets, she let out a relieved sigh. She pulled out her phone from her jacket pocket and accessed her GPS app. She'd totally forgotten how she got to the club, but that was normal after all... She'd come there over two weeks prior!

She walked slowly down the crowded sidewalk watching as people ran by her and rushed all around her until she finally looked up and found herself standing right in front of her building.

The familiar scents and sounds brought back memories of her first few months in her apartment, but somehow her thoughts deviated from blissful reminiscence to a pair of glowing emerald eyes, porcelain skin, flamboyant red hair and soft yet sensual lips.

Alexandra shook her head to push these ridiculous thoughts away and made her way up the stairs and into her modest apartment.

Once she entered the apartment she began to look around. Everything seemed just as she'd let it, the kitchen still had that faint smell of coffee that was usually there, the living room was still the same mess with books piled everywhere, a thin layer of dust accumulated on the TV and shelves and the dining room was still covered in the white cloth just as she left it.

Alex opened the door to her bedroom and switched the lights on, she scanned the room but nothing caught her attention. Her khaki pants and plain black polo shirt were discarded on the floor at the foot of her queen sized bed, her burgundy shower towel sprawled nearby.

She remembered everything as if it was yesterday, in her mind this easy the morning after but the fact was, Alex had skipped those two weeks of her life and work as if nothing happened.

Even if she had hurt her head, why was she not in a hospital?

Something happened that night. Alex could feel it, but what was it? All she remembered was Asha walking towards her and Gabriel, her green orbs glowing in the darkness if the hallway and then.... Darkness.

She remembered the feeling rather well, she wasn't awake but she wasn't asleep either. Her body was paralyzed while her mind was set adrift in a maze of penumbras thoughts. Alex let out an exasperated sigh, but refused to give up. She thought harder, dug deeper into her memory, but all she found was darkness riddled with a sense of desperation, it was a rather weird feeling, but a very soothing one to Alex as she drifted away but she knew very well it was not her own. She felt it, so Alex clung to it and it gave her hope and warmth.

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