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The Impostor by GoddessofAllEvil
The Impostorby Goddess of All Evil
Prince Phillip has vanquished the dragon and saved the princess. But why is Aurora still haunted by Maleficent's face? What if Phillip had lied to her? Two years after t...
SwanQueen Texts by maikeakua
SwanQueen Textsby hella gay
When Regina gets Emma's number as well as other citizens of Storybrooke, what will their messages look like?
Mischief Managed (Hermione Granger x Fem!Reader) (ON HIATUS) by HeyThereImAnIdiot
Mischief Managed (Hermione Granger...by ms. chanandler bong
As the youngest Weasley child, (well, not quite the youngest, same age as Ginny) you are beginning your first year at Hogwarts. You are soon to be sorted into Slytherin...
Storm Bourne « Daenerys Targaryen » by ilovewolfs1234
Storm Bourne « Daenerys Targaryen »by •|«Aubree»|•
She was a veil of nightfall, consuming everything in her wake. She was a calm blue sky, you never knew what was going to happen. A story of the Queen and the Witch. Ga...
Lion And The Snake (HermionexFemaleOC) by SatanicSlytherin95
Lion And The Snake (HermionexFemal...by SatanicSlytherin95
Hexal Toor, an expelled student from Ilvermorny, is transferred to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. Trying to adjust to a new life at Hogwarts and forming a Slythe...
KIGO: A curse of love by kigo123
KIGO: A curse of loveby Z
A plan to spend 2 weeks at Shego's holiday house in the jungle takes a strange twist when they get bitten. They find out that they're not quite themselves anymore and en...
The Lost Mikaelson Comes Home by ElizaCayne
The Lost Mikaelson Comes Homeby Eliza Cayne
Harriet Potter, reborn as the youngest of the Mikaelson siblings, now known as Saga Mikaelson, finally reunites with her siblings after being apart for almost a century...
Dancing in the dark  by StardustRainbow
Dancing in the dark by StardustRainbow
Nayeon, a pop idol worshipped by millions, arrogant and self centered, suffers miserably at relationships with men. Her band mates decide to hire Mina, a prostitute for...
End of the World  by StardustRainbow
End of the World by StardustRainbow
In which Twice has to survive a zombie apocalypse and Nayeon and Tzuyu are badass. Crackfic with a lot of minayeon smut and a bit of saida on the side
What the heart wants by StardustRainbow
What the heart wantsby StardustRainbow
Chaeyoung asks for Nayeon's help to win Mina over and offers to help her get with Jeongyeon as a return favour. A story where a series of mixed signals complicates thing...
You set the forest ablaze by unholywaterontherise
You set the forest ablazeby unholywaterontherise
Rosalie Hale had been alone since the night Carlisle had saved her. What she meant by alone is that she hadn't found her mate. For centuries she had to live in agony am...
MomoJirou/Tsuchako trash ;-; by dxmodxmo
MomoJirou/Tsuchako trash ;-;by Demo! :D
click this to be traumatized :D
Raulson One-Shots and Shorts by TheFandomLesbian
Raulson One-Shots and Shortsby Spencer
My collection of one-shots and shorts between the Raulson ships in American Horror Story. Inside find Foxxay, Bananun, Shaudrey, and Hotgomery, as well as some crossover...
Oh Honey // momojirou by DmPrime
Oh Honey // momojirouby DmPrime
FYI: This is going to be mostly fluffy and wholesome, but I might pull in angst when completely necessary. Jirou is very sure of her identity, when it comes to who she i...
Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl] by amorousaffections
Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl]by luna ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde ///\\\ "Winter Alexander. Blonde h...
Letters To The North Pole  by StardustRainbow
Letters To The North Pole by StardustRainbow
Mina doesn't believe in Christmas miracles. Neither does she believe in a fictional holiday figure in the North Pole. But she writes letters year after year addressed to...
New Girl (GirlxGirl/Lesbian Story) [Completed] by maeggaey
New Girl (GirlxGirl/Lesbian Story)...by Maria
Ever since her Freshman year in High School Colby was the outcast. She was most likely the most hated and unwanted girl at school. Why? Because she was gay. After she ca...
amore | bella · rosalie  by jamesbuchancn
amore | bella · rosalie by kenna - BLM
Bella finds out the truth. Further secrets are revealed and the Cullens slowly realize they came back to a different girl. Currently being edited but still slowly updat...
Sapphic September 2018 - Harry Potter Femslash Oneshot Collection by knowyourincantations
Sapphic September 2018 - Harry Pot...by knowyourincantations
A collection of the works I wrote for Sapphic September 2018 for the Harry Potter fandom. Pairings include: Pansmione, Linny, Delachang, Lunsy, Parvansy, Pansy/Padma, Gi...
You Found Me by nightsingale
You Found Meby nightsingale
And they said being lost would be the scariest feeling in the world, but being lost in her had never felt more like home.