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basorexia (a.m.) by WAST3LANDBABY
basorexia (a.m.)by 𝔬𝔯𝔭𝔥𝔢𝔲𝔰
basorexia (n) an overwhelming urge to kiss "I can't be who she needs me to be, Alex. I'm trying to be a resident and a wife and I'm trying to keep it all together...
The Huntress and her Lion by BlazingFoxDragon
The Huntress and her Lionby BlazingFoxDragon
Once upon a time, this is how stories normally begin but this story is not as happy as people believe all stories should go. This story is about her hardship, pain, and...
redamancy (a.m.) by WAST3LANDBABY
redamancy (a.m.)by 𝔬𝔯𝔭𝔥𝔢𝔲𝔰
redamancy (n) the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full. "God, you're sleeping with Satan?" "Yes, I'm sleeping with satan, have yo...
Moonlight Happiness by BlazingFoxDragon
Moonlight Happinessby BlazingFoxDragon
Abigail Morgana Potter grew up not knowing love but hatred, yet everything changed in a blink of an eye. With the help from her bloodline, she was rescued and given a ch...
A Portal To Truths...  by jetraisendgame
A Portal To Truths... by darth stiles
Jesse. 18. Legendary hero. Saved all of the citizens of the Overworld from the deadly Witherstorm. Well.. not all. Jesse used to be a geeky, cheery, optimistic but tough...
Bitten (Twilight Fanfic: Jessica Stanley + Rosalie Hale) by TyrannosaurusRose
Bitten (Twilight Fanfic: Jessica S...by Rosie
Rosalie saves Jessica's life by turning her into a vampire. But for Jessica, being the newest Cullen is more complicated than she ever dreamed. Set a few years after BR...
Lost Then Found by Taleth
Lost Then Foundby Taleth
~The SEQUEL to 'Alex's Girl' is finally here~ It has been seven years since the events of 'Alex's Girl', where Alexis Sterling loved then lost Valerie Greco, a troubled...
The Camping Trip: A Jori Story by Girlmeetspup
The Camping Trip: A Jori Storyby just a smol gay hampter
Sikowitz plans a camping trip for the students of his class at Hollywood Arts. Jade and Tori's friends both notice the increasingly obvious tension between them as the t...
Letting Go | Appledash by UFeelMyMagic
Letting Go | Appledashby Alice
Applejack is very gay. Rainbow Dash is about 20% cooler than everyone else. They're mixed together and suddenly, Rainbow has to face all of these foreign feelings that s...
Dancing in the dark  by StardustRainbow
Dancing in the dark by StardustRainbow
Nayeon, a pop idol worshipped by millions, arrogant and self centered, suffers miserably at relationships with men. Her band mates decide to hire Mina, a prostitute for...
Hiding Myself. A fem!Bilbo Bagginshield fanfic by AnironSidh
Hiding Myself. A fem!Bilbo Baggins...by AníronSîdh
#1 in Bagginshield 6/7/18 #2 in Bagginshield 5/10/18 Bella Baggins is a perfectly normal, respectable Hobbit living alone in Hobbiton. That is, until Gandalf the Gray a...
What the heart wants by StardustRainbow
What the heart wantsby StardustRainbow
Chaeyoung asks for Nayeon's help to win Mina over and offers to help her get with Jeongyeon as a return favour. A story where a series of mixed signals complicates thing...
Our Ideal Place (Little Witch Academia) by cyberano
Our Ideal Place (Little Witch Acad...by cyberano
With her first year finished, Akko prepares to go home for summer vacation. However, when Diana invites her to stay with her over the summer, Akko has a quick reply. Lit...
Nightmares | Appledash by UFeelMyMagic
Nightmares | Appledashby Alice
Rainbow Dash suffers from horrific nightmares, but whenever she awakes with a cry, Applejack is always right by her side. She holds her close, wipes away her tears, and...
You set the forest ablaze by unholywaterontherise
You set the forest ablazeby unholywaterontherise
Rosalie Hale had been alone since the night Carlisle had saved her. What she meant by alone is that she hadn't found her mate. For centuries she had to live in agony am...
The Stars in her Eyes by StardustRainbow
The Stars in her Eyesby StardustRainbow
"I'm sorry , what? " She asks, her eyes widening. The brown eyes in front of her twinkles with mischief. " You will have to kiss me on the lips every day...
Her Dark Light - Wenclair - by WithinClarity
Her Dark Light - Wenclair -by WithinClarity
Wednesday, season 2. Wednesday and Enid try to understand their feelings for each other and to unravel the mystery behind what threatens the lives of both of them.
Destiny by StardustRainbow
Destinyby StardustRainbow
Nayeon dies in a car crash. Mina gets one chance to travel back in time to find her last wish.
Forgotten Conscience (girlxgirl) (Book 1) by AndrewHeard8
Forgotten Conscience (girlxgirl) (...by Forgotten Conscience
Ranked #2 in Buffy. After Faith wakes up from her coma with amnesia, she attempts to put her life back together again. Buffy is forced to try and help.
Bound To Her by RedDevil6
Bound To Herby Red.Devil
Alex struggled with life ever since she was a child, her parents dead and with no siblings to call family, she was left alone in this world. Working at a coffee shop for...