I'll Be With You

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Kagura and Millianna were talking happily to each other about books and other interesting and original books they had recently been reading. Half way through Kagura talking there was a slow knock on the door. They both looked at each other questioningly and thought. Who would want to talk to anyone in Mermaid's Heel at this time in the night for any reason that couldn't wait until the next day? Kagura stood up and walked to the door naturally. She slowly opened the door and smiled as she saw Rogue.

"Oh, Hi Rog-" but she was cut off as he fell forward, knocking them both onto the ground. She yelped and pushed him off her and backed away. She stared at him in shock as Millianna jumped to her and grabbed her around the neck, hugging her. "Kagura, what's wrong!?" She screeched before looking at Rogue on the ground. "R-Rogue?" She started but paused as Rogue layed on the ground completely silent. She let go of Kagura and moved forward to Rogue, poking him gently. Still, he stayed silent and unmoving. She pushed him onto his back and quickly gasped. 

Kagura jumped up and rushed next to Millianna, and gasped as well. They stared at Rogue's neck, which had a large, bright burn in the shape of a hand print all around the front of his neck. Kagura pulled him up and held him up, moving his arm around her neck. His clothes were dirty and torn, his skin was broken and bloody and there were burn marks all along his body.

 It took both Kagura and Millianna to lift Rogue up. He was taller then them both and was extremely well muscled, so he wasn't easy to carry. They carried him into Kagura bed room and laid him on her bed. It was sad how this was the first time a guy had ever been in her bed. 

"What should we do?" Millianna asked and Kagura pondered the question for a second. There wasn't much they could do until the next morning. "We'll have to treat his damage and burns." Kagura said confidentely.  "Y-Yeah. I'll get some medicine." Millianna sid as she slowly walked out the room.

Kagura sighed and went to her bed, sitting next to Rogue as he laid uncouncious. "Who could have done this..." She said to herself quietly. She was suddenly shocked when Rogue let out a groan and rolled onto his side. "R-Rogue...?" Kagura whispered gently and Rogue just let out a gentle sigh. Kagura slowly moved her hand to his cheek and smiled. "I've fallen in love with such a idiotic person..." sh whispered moving her face a little closer to his.

"This idiotic person has fallen in love with you as well..." Rogue whispered back and Kagura looked at him, blushing extremely. "You.. idiot." she said with a sweet smile on her face. Rogue rolled onto his back and looked her happily. "You're dating an idiot." He said, placing his hand on her waist gently. 

 Kagura smiled, even if she shouldn't. He was hurt, probably in pain, but he was still with her, and that made her happy. She slowly laid next to him and sighed as he moved his arms around her waist. This was really not the time to be getting all romantic, especially with Rogue being so hurt, but he wasn't stopping it. In fact, he pulled her in, holding her head against his chest gently. She let out a sigh and snuggled against his chest, slowly dozing off to sleep. 

---------- Author's note ----------

Sorry for the short chapter. But the next one will be usual length and very cute between Rogue and Kagura. I'm going to try and build on their relationship slightly.

Thanks minna! 500 READS! HECK YES! LOVE YOU ALL

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