I'll Have To Deal With It

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Kagura awoke the next morning slowly, a little dazed. She was really warm, and was also very comfortable. She felt sometime curled around her waist from both sides. She looked down and saw two muscled arms connected around her waist, she paniced a little before se remembered, she had fallen asleep with Rogue. His warmeth felt comforting and sweet. His grip wasn't too hard, but it was hard enough to keep them very close. 

Kagura riggled free of his grip and tried her best to get up without waking Rogue. He was still hurt and needed his rest. She slowly opened the door and as she stepped out of her room, met the gaze of all the members of Mermaid's Heel. She had the usual warm and kind smile from Millianna, Risley was busy reading, and Beth and Arana just galred at her with unamused faces.

"Kagura." Arana started, cating Kagura's attention. "This is a girls only guild, correct?" Arana continued. Kagura knew where this was leading, and she let out an annoyed sigh. "Yeah, so?" Kagura asked, pretending she didn't know what would happen next. "Why, then, is there a male in your bedroom?" Arana asked in a very condescending tone. Kagura gritted her teeth and put her hand on the handle of her blade. 

"Listen, I don't care what you think of my relatiosnhip with Rogue, but never bring my alligence to this guild into question." Kagura spoke calmly, despite the grip on her blade tightening with every word. Arana flinched slightly and backed off a little, but Kagura still glared at her angrily, ready to attack. She flinched when she felt a and gently touch her shoulder. She snapped her head to see Rogue looking at her, a calm, smiling. Kagura relaxed slightly but wasn't fully calm, so Rogue did something very risky.

Rogue sighed and wrapped his arms around Kagura's waist, from behind, resting his head ontop of hers. Kagura blushes and released her grip on the sword, looking up at Rogue slightly. Rogue just smiled and kissed the top of her head, only making her blush more. Millianna was just watching them, smiling happily. Risley was also now watching the two in their close embrace. 

Arana and Beth were less impressed, but Beth seemed to be getting more alright with it. They were cute together, after all. Arana was still just disgusted, unamused and completely disappointed that Kagura would go from the most independent girl in Mermaid's Heel to someone soft and sweet, all because of some guy! Some dragon slayer from Sabertooth. He didn't deserve her. He was lucky to even know her! She stood up and stormed out the room. Both Kagura and Rogue watched her leave, Kagura just sighed unhappily, but Millianna followed her, probably to try and calm her down. 

Arana ran out the door and slammed it behind her, before jogging left down the street. She needed to clear her head and calm herself down, before she says and does something she regrets, She continued to a street that seemed very broken. There was cloth and blood on the floor, and the walls around were smashed and broken. 

A young man was sitting against one of the walls. He looked extremely hurt and damage, and looked unconcious. Arana approached this young man who quickly jumped to his feet and grabbed Arana by the neck. Blood covered his face as his clothes were torn and shreaded. His grib on her neck was firm and rough. She could barely breath. "You're from Mermaid's Heel..." he said, blood dripping out his mouth as he tightened his grip.

"Wait, Stop!" Sting looked to his side, and a young, feline looking woman was on her knees, almost in tears. She seemed familiar.  Sting dropped Arana to the ground, and slowly approched this girl before him. His anger.. wasn't showing. He knelt down infront of her, and their eyes met. They both stayed quiet, neither of them had anything to say. Millianna dried her tears and stood, quickly followed by Sting.

"H-Hi.. I'm Millianna, of Mermaid's Heel..." Millianna tried to be formal, which didn't exactly fit the situation.

"H-Hey.. I'm Sting Eucliffe, of Sabertooth..." Sting said back, and then the awkward slience built between them again. 

"Millianna!" A distant voice called off to her, making her turn her head. Sting did the same then quickly jump back. "Shadow Dragon Talon!" Rogue jumped between the two and jabbed a kick at Sting, hitting him in the stomach, knocking him back. 

"What the hell do you think you;re doing!" Rogue shouted theateningly at Sting, ready to send another attack. 

"Talking.." Sting said, holding his hands up in the air, as a sign of surrender. Rogue looked at him with a blank look, but it wasn't until Millianna tapped his shoulder that he calmed down slightly. "It's fine. We were just talking..." Millianna said, smiling gently. Rogue and Kagura looked at each other, equally confused. Rogue turned his attention back to Sting, and the two were silent for a second. 

"So.." Sting began. "When are you coming back to Sabertooth." Sting asked, a little bit of his usual cheer in his voice. 

"When you except the fact that I love Kagura." Rogue said, blushing a little but still holding a firm possition.

Sting just smiled. "I'll have to deal with it."

---------- Author's Note -----------

Yes, there was a little but of Sting x Millianna in there, but main focus shall stay on Rogue x Kagura, with small sprinkles of Sting x Millianna here and their. 

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