Heading Back Home

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Rogue woke up late that morning to a splash of water in the face. He'd almost screamed when it happened. Half from shock and half from the fact he was having a great dream that had just ended. His head shot at the woman that stood over him. Kagura was busy laughing her head off while he was looking around, confused and senseless. "Good morning, you sleepy dragon slayer" she said in between laughs and gasps for air. "W-What just happened?!" he stuttered, still confused. 

"I kept shaking you and calling your name, and you just wouldn't wake up, so I splashed you with a little water." she composed herself from her laughing fit but still smiled at the wet dragon slayer. Rogue stood slowly and shook his hair free of the water. Kagura's mouth turned from a smile to pure interest as he shook his hair gently. The way he was both gentle and elegant but strong and dangerous interested her, and the way he shook his hair was nothing but attractive. 

He stopped shaking his head and yawned. How he could still be tired after sleeping for what must have been 12 hours was phenomenal to her. "Should we head back?" Rogue muttered sleepily, leaning his weight slightly against the tree that he'd slept on. "Do you want to head back? Sting is probably quite pissed that you left without a word for two days." Kagura pointed out and Rogue shuttered. "He won't be pleased, that is for definite..." Rogue trailed off, before placing his hand under his chin and closing his eyes to think. 

"Would staying for three days make him angrier?" Rogue said finally and Kagura shrugged. "He's your best friend, not mine. You should know better than anyone." What she was saying made way too much sense for how early it was. "Knowing Sting, I'm probably already going to die, so let's not delay the inevitable." he smiled a little to himself as he pushed off the tree. "Let's get going" he spoke proudly and happily. Kagura thought to herself that this was something Kagura had missed seeing him like. The proud, odd but happy Rogue she loved. Wait... Loved?

Blood raced to her cheeks as she admitted to herself that she did, all in all, love him. Rogue stretched and followed it up with a loud, overly sexual groan. This only made her blush more and more, her face turning as red as a rose. Rogue continued to stretch as Kagura only watched him, her mind took a vacation. After Rogue finished up with his stretched he moved his gaze towards her, and was surprised to see she was staring at him. He smiled but she did not respond, she just kept staring at him with bright crimson cheeks. 

"Um... Kagura?" he question, and she blinked. Her eyes focused a little bit more on him. "Oh... sorry" she turned away, obviously embarrassed. This was the first time she'd been in this situation so she had not idea what to do. Rogue knew this, an decided to have a little fun. "You pervert" he teased and she pouted, still looking away. He slowly crept up on her and slipped one hand around her waist. "H-Hey, wai-" she tried to stop him, but he spun her around to face him, before he jokingly pinched one of her cheeks. "You sure are cute when you're pervy" he smiled as he teased her. She only blushed more and tried to push him away gently, but he just brought her in for a hug. After that, she couldn't do much. One, because he was being way too cute for her to stay mad. But 2, he was far stronger, and he could easily hold her in a hug. 

"Ugh, fineeee" Kagura said and Rogue laughed to himself. "Just can't resist me, huh?" Rogue tried to continue teasing her but now she was alright with it. More than alright with it. "You know it" she teased back. That was when Rogue started to lose his winning edge. He tried to play it off, but she wouldn't lose. "Alright, we should get going" he attempted, but she hooked her arms around his neck. "Now now, we've got plenty of time. What's the rush?" She was taking the advantage, and quickly. "Sting's gonna kill me and Frosch is probably missing me to death" he spoke quickly and nervously. Kagura nuzzled his neck before gently biting at his neck. The difference in their height was perfect for her to do that while he was helpless to stop it. 

"H-Hey" his voice trailed off as his breath became ragged. "Have I found your weakness, my dear dragon?" she teased even more. Rogue was about done with that. "Done!" he suddenly announced. Before she could say another word he had picked her up and slumped her over his shoulder. "H-Hey! What're you doing?" she stuttered. "Taking you home, little lady" he smiled and began reversing the path they had taken to arrive to their current point. "I-I can walk!" she said, shaking her legs to try and get away. "Consider us even. This is for splashing me with water" Kagura slumped and sighed. "This is embarrassing" she muttered. "Oh hush." he replied. "I hate you" she muttered. "Nah, you love me." he retorted. "...maybe a little..." she whispered. Rogue looked over his shoulder. "Excuse me?" he questioned. "Nothing!" she shouted, blushing brightly. He looked forward. He knew exactly what she'd said. Nothing escaped a dragon's hearing. "Only a little?" he muttered under his breath so she couldn't hear. "I doubt that..." he smiled brightly. 

----Author's Note----

I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! I have been incredibly busy. Dating, school and other things have gotten in the way. But that's no excuse. This story is not dead. I'll be sure to work on this more and more. I plan to finish this by the end of next summer, so I still have a story or two that should fill around 30 more chapters. So be calm, I will get to working much harder on the story.

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