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Dragon Slayer Mating Season 💕 by BaeBTwice143
Dragon Slayer Mating Season 💕by Etherious Seilah 🖤
That one time of the year no not Christmas it's mating season. Not only is this for the mystical beasts but the ones they taught magic to as well. What will happen when...
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Dragon Season by my_random_nugget
Dragon Seasonby Author(Nugget)~Chan
The Dragon slayers are acting kind of weird. They looking at each other and then away. They don't even say a word. This is a fan fiction story. I do not own fairy tail...
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{COMPLETED} If Our Story Was Different (A Rogura FanFiction) by freshtaebreze
{COMPLETED} If Our Story Was mika — 미카 🌿
What if the Grand Magic Games never happened, how would they meet? And if certain guilds weren't AS active? What difference would it make? This FanFiction is pinpointed...
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Somethings Up With The Slayers~Mating Season by Queenapplebts21
Somethings Up With The LurkingLlama
"Why does this shit always happen to us..." Lucy says looking back at the letters burning on the house. 'We're coming for you' the letters burned bright. "...
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Fairy tail: Dragon Mating Season [DISCONTINUED] by FairytailxBaka
Fairy tail: Dragon Mating Season [ Odd Asian
It was a normal day in Fairy Tail until... The dragon slayers were acting strange.. NatsuxLucy GajeelxLevy CobraxKinana StingxYukino RoguexKagura ((In my story, Erik...
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Forbbiden Love  by Val_Violets
Forbbiden Love by Val_Violets
Kagura is a Knight of Alexandria a leader of the female squad soldiers known as Mermaid Heel. Yukino Argia is the princess of Alexandria. Today is Yukino 16th birthday...
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Fairy Tail The Next Generation by Nalu_Soma
Fairy Tail The Next Generationby Nalu_Soma
The next generation of Fairy Tail. Luna Dragneel has to discover why they couldn't join the guild before age 16 and why they have to prove themselves to get in. Gaining...
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I'll Never Fall In Love Again ( Rogura Fanfic) by briar31
I'll Never Fall In Love Again ( ṿѧṅṅєśśѧ
The story of a girl who was rejected by the boy she likes and has been bullied ever since (3 years later) Now that their 16 she is now taking revenge on them but is the...
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Drunken Love (A Rogue x Kagura Fan-Fiction) by FireFistAceFan
Drunken Love (A Rogue x Kagura FireFistAceFan
The Grand Ball night was upon all the participant wizards of the Grand Magic Games, and with the chance for all the wizards to speak on good terms, the fated meeting bet...
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The Shadow Dragon And The Swordsman by Despairian
The Shadow Dragon And The Swordsmanby Despairian
What if before the Grand Magic Games, even before they joined their guilds, Kagura and Rogue actually knew each other? What if they actually used to be BEST FRIENDS? {I...
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Dragon High School(Fairy Tail) by Catness14
Dragon High School(Fairy Tail)by Catness14
There are six main kingdoms in the world of the dragons. The main kingdom is the kingdom of fire and blackness the second kingdom is the kingdom of ice, then the kingdom...
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Babysitting Dagon Slayers And Devil Slayer (Fairy Tail) by Catness14
Babysitting Dagon Slayers And Catness14
Something happens to the dragon slayers after the gmg to make them turn into little asshol- I mean kids again
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The Secrets of Dorm S by musiclover306
The Secrets of Dorm Sby musiclover306
Coming soon
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Fairy Tail Rouge X Kagura Fanfiction by Fastflame5000
Fairy Tail Rouge X Kagura Natsu-san
Rouge gets bored one day and decides to get a girlfriend since his brother is a pest who dared him to do it but he actually ends up enjoying it
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Ryan Lucy's Son by KittySummers
Ryan Lucy's Sonby Devils daughter
Ryan is Lucy's eldest son. Everyone questions who Ryan's father is but Lucy refuses to tell them. Will his father be revealed to the guild or will they continue to wonde...
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The Mafia's Kings Princesses (Fairy Tail) by Catness14
The Mafia's Kings Princesses ( Catness14
Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, and Rogue are mafias kings. They all are 19 years old and go to north high school. Rogue is the leader of the Shadow Dragon mafia. Gajeel is...
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Mating Season (Fairy Tail) by Catness14
Mating Season (Fairy Tail)by Catness14
The dragon slayers Romeo, Gray, and Luke are acting weird. Master takes all the girls into his office. What they find out scares them to death.
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NaLu & Fairytail One Shots by MissyMiyashiro
NaLu & Fairytail One Shotsby Petri808
A compilation of short stories or 1 shot type stories of my favorite Fairytail characters that are still in the magical realm. Book 2 will be non-magic, realistic stori...
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Fairy Tail one shots by otaku_girl8082
Fairy Tail one shotsby otaku_girl8082
My first time writing fan fiction. Make a ship request. Hope you enjoy
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