Let's Talk Details

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The party had already ended and all the guilds had already gone home, all completely satisfied with the fun that happened. Kagura sat against the window over looking the street in front of the hotel. She sat there reading her book, looking up every couple of seconds for the tall, shadowy figure to move out of the darkness and knock on the door. Millianna layed along the couch, almost asleep, humming a little tune to herself.

Kagura sighed gently. "I don't think he's coming." Kagura said, sounding a little disappointed. Millianna just smiled at her. "Don't stop believing." Millianna said with a gently smile. As she said that, a gently knock was heard against the door. Millianna quickly perked up as Kagura stood up and headed to the door. Kagura's heart started thumping greatly in her chest with every step she took. She paused before the door and took a deep breath and she slowly gripped the handle and opened the door. As she opened the door the shadowy figure on the other side slowly became more visible. Kagura stared this shadowy figure into his crimson eyes as he stood quietly. They both stayed completely silent as they stared into eachothers eyes, neither of them breaking eye contact.

"Is it him?!" Millianna shouted from the other room as Rogue and Kagura both jumped slightly and blushes. Kagura smiled and moved out the way to allow Rogue to enter. Rogue walked through into the other room and sat down quickly next to Millianna before letting out a gentle sigh. Kagura walked in a little bit afterwards and sat across from Rogue. There was a silence in the room. Uncomfortable, unwanted. Rogue kept his usual quiet and safiticated posture, where as Kagura was very uncomfortable and it was showing. Millianna decided to try and create a conversation.

"So.. about this date...." Millianna spoke gently, causing Kagura to flinch slightly at the word 'Date' where as Rogue stayed completely quiet. Keeping his thoughts all to himself. He set out a gentle sigh and looked up at Kagura, their eyes meeting yet again, unable to break away.

 Millianna smiled and looked at Kagura. "I'll leave you two to make the details." She said gently before getting up and leaving the room quickly. Kagura stared blankly at Rogue as he continued to think about something. He looked up at Kagura and sighed again. "When do you want our date to be?" He asked, no interest or emotions showing in his voice at all. Kagura paused and stared back at him. "W-Well... w-when do you want i-it?" She asked him, unable to keep her words together." Rogue stood up and streched he arms, still looking at her. "How about tomorrow?" He said, his usual bored and uninterested tone still showing slightly. Kagura stared at him still, unable to tear her eyes away. "What time?" She continues to ask him, letting him take charge. He paused and looked back to her. "6:30 pm." He said firmly, now he actually seemed to be showing some interest.

"I-I'm not sure if I'm free then..." She began before she heard her cat like friend shout from the other room. "You're free! Don't worry!" Millianna shouted, causing Kagura to sigh slightly. Rogue smiled gently and started heading for the door, looking back at Kagura quickly. "Your friend is very caring... make sure to treasure that bond." He said, before smiling gently. Kagura let her shock show as she blushed extremely and let out a gently sigh of happiness. Rogue continued out the door and closed it behind him. He sigh and looked up at the night sky. 

Rogue was never much of a relationship maker. The fact he had been dragged into a date with a girl he didn't even know... but he didn't mind. Small things have always annoyed him, so why was something so big not bothering him? Strange. He shrugged it off and headed home, but the thought of his date tomorrow kept dragging itself back into his mind, but he didn't know why. Maybe he liked her, maybe he didn't. Only time would tell, and as that goes, Rogue was a patient guy, so waiting isn't a problem... but for this girl, he didn't want to wait. 

"Kagura..." he said aloud and looked up at the stars in the sky as he thought to himself. He never truely liked a girl, not since he lost his chance with Yukino, but he had moved on. Sting and the others always said he needed someone in his life, someone to keep him happy and interested... but was Kagura this girl? Something deep down; Deep deep down inside him, truely he hopped so. She was quiet, so was he. She seemed to connect, but this bond would break, right? All bonds break... or, at least, all Rogue's did. But this was a new chance, a new chance to love. He wasn't just going to let it slip... not this time.

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