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It was just running along 6:03 pm as Rogue constantly kept looking at the clock. He may not show any interest in his clothes, but his taste in fashion was something he took very seriously. He may have over dressed a little, but he looked good, and he knew it. He let out a gentle sigh and walked out of his door and started to walk to the door when he was called on. It was non other than that idiotic best friend Sting.

"Yo Rogue! Where you goin'?" He shouted at Rogue, his usual gleefilled voice getting a little on Rogue's nerves. Rogue juset let out a sigh and turned back to him. "I'm going out." He said bluntly and Sting just rolled his eyes. "I can see that. Where you heading?" Sting kept asking, annoying Rogue a little bit more. "I have a date." Rogue continued to be extremely blunt. Sting quickly grabbed Rogue's shoulder and shook him slightly. "WITH WHO?!" Sting said, still shaking Rogue.

"A girl." Rogue said smiling slightly, knowing he was clearly annyoing Sting slightly. Sting sighed slightly and kept shaking Rogue's shoulder. "WHO? WHO DAMN IT, WHO?!" Sting kept shouting. Rogue just sighed and shoved Sting off of him. "Kagura." he said turning back to the door. Behind him went fully silent. He turned back and Sting was staring at him blankly. They just stared at eachother. Silently.

"....Seriously?" Sting asked. Now he was just completely unemotional. Fully blank. Unreadable. Rogue was wondering about this. Sting and Kagura weren't on the best of terms. Rogue stared straight at him questioningly. "What? Is there a problem with that?" Rogue asked, standing completely straight. "Maybe a little..." Sting continued, also standing up straight. ARE THEY ABOUT TO FIGHT?

"What's the problem then?" Rogue asked, He was a little behind time and he was not happy at all. His best friend disagreed with his girlfriend! "She's not very well liked with in Sabertooth..." Rogue opened the door and looked back at him. "If you don't like it, I'll leave Sabertooth." he huffed before storming out the door and slamming it behind him. Sting smashed down the door and shouted to Rogue "FINE! WE DON'T NEED YOU ANYWAY!" Rogue felt so angry. He was about to turn and end this fight here and now. Rogue turned back at Sting, who was now in tears. Rogue gritted his teeth and turned away, pushing himself into a sprint. 

It was late, but the night was still young. He still had a date, and a chance to be happy. Rogue slowed to a walk and clutched his feet while walking. Sting had sent him out for his emotions. That wasn't going to just slide. He felt like crying and he felt so angry. This wasn't the end of this argument. Fairy Tail would be hearing about this. But Sabertooth was no longer his life.. he now had a life with a Mermaid's Heel wizard. A life he couldn't turn back on. A life he wanted to keep...

---------------------- Meanwhile at Mermaid's Heel ----------------------

Kagura stared at herself in the mirror and sighed. She may have over done it a little. She had put on a lot of makeup, she had her dress from the Grand Ball and a lot of work done to her hair thanks to Millianna and Risely, who were completely happy she had finally fallen in love. Not a minute went by where they didn't tease her for it. Arana and Beth, on the other hand, believed she didn't need a guy, they believed she was indepednant enough to surive without one. Kagura opened her room's door and walked out. Millianna and Risley quickly jumped up and hugged her.

"YOU LOOK AMAZING!" They both said in unison, smiling up at her. "I-It doesn't suit me..." Kagura huffed. "Neither does dating." Arana said, clearly bitter. Kagura glared at her. They had been fighting constantly about Rogue. Millianna was first to counter. "Do you not want her to be happy?" Millianna asked Arana, making her just sigh. "Why does she need a man to make her happy?" she asked, a little bit of a condesending way. Kagura just sighed and looked away, looking at the clock. 6:28 pm. He was close. She knew that. Arana might allow it if she sees them together. There was suddenly a knock at the door. Millianna smiled and ran for the door.

She opened the door and saw it was Rogue, as expected, on time. "Come on in!" Millianna invited him in. He walked in and instantly every girl looked at him. Kagura and Rogue instantly met eyes and both smiled happily. She walked over to him and stood next to him. Arana was glaring at Rogue, and so was Beth. Millanna and Risley on the other hand were jumping up and down happily.

"You guys look so cute!" Millianna said, causing them both to blush, Rogue just smilied at her happily. "You won't be stalking us while we are on our date, right?" Rogue asked, causing a few laughs and giggles from the girls. "Maybe." Millianna said, causing Rogue to laugh. Kagura just smiled and kept blushing, tugging on Rogue's arm slightly. "We should go." She said firmly, Rogue just let out a sigh and smiled at her. "Alright. That sounds like a good idea." 

Rogue went to the door and opened it for Kagura, like a gentleman. Kagura walked out and Rogue followed quickly behind her. Rogue was having a troubling night. He'd fought with his best friends, a couple of horrid glares from Kagura's friends. A nice, peaceful date was all he needed right now. The best question is, was he going to get this quiet and happy date he was hoping for? We will have to see, but nothing better push his luck, Rogue was a little on edge and now he just needed a little peace and quiet, and he wouldn't want to spend this time with anyone except Kagura.

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