The Collision of Tigers and Mermaids

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Kagura and Millianna walked quietly down the street where there was a connection between two roads on the way to the party, and from the street aside theirs they heard echos of strange voices, obviously male, but not voices either of them recognised. They boths collected their wits and hid in the shadows, raising their gaurd incase of potential attackers.

Rogue and Sting were talking casually about themselves and how they have grown since the beginning of the Games, them both laughing and smiling as they spoke to eachother, Frosch and Lector agreeing with them that they had obviously grown stronger and smarter, and were not much maturer as a result of it. As they found the connection, Rogue and Sting both shot looked down the empty round that was aside theirs. They looked at eachother questioningly. "Did you hear anything down there?" Sting asked. "Indeed." Rogue agreed, still studying the street that seemed a little bit too quiet. Sting shrugged and continued walking for a bit, but Rogue stayed in place, now studying the shadows around the sides. Something seemed odd. He was missing something.. but what was it? "It's probably nothing, come on or we'll be late for the party. I wanna get there and talk with Natsu!" Sting claimed, smiling and tapping Rogue's shoulder. He jumped slightly but agreed with Sting and continued walking. Frosch followed happily, waddling behind Rogue.

Kagura and Millianna clung to the shadows as the two males walked under the light created by the lamps. One was obviously bright blonde and the other had jet black hair. Millianna relaxed slightly but Kagura stayed on gaurd, not letting up that they could still be possible threats. Then the one with black hair looked straight at her in the shadows, his red eyes piercing the brown in hers. For a second, only a second, she seemed to get lost in his eyes. They seemed so sweet and gently, yet so cold and hateful. "It's probably nothing, come on or we'll be late for the party. I wanna get there and talk with Natsu!" the blonde proclaimed, moving back into his cocky strut. The black haired male turned away and walked beside him, but not in a cocky or smug way, but rather a gentle and soft way, a small figure waddling slowly behind him, pink in the light. They watched the two males disappear slowly into the shadows and then they climbed out of the hiding place they had and looked at eachother. "Well then." Millianna said happily before starting to walk again, but Kagura didn't answer. Those red eyes were still in her mind, watching her,  but she didn't feel scared... she felt interested. She followed Millianna's lead and kept up to pace, still thinking of that man, who's name she didn't even know, but she already felt weak under his gaze. But, she needed to forget about that. She wasn't that sort of girl, and he didn't need a man to protect her.

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