Striking a Deal.

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Kagura and Millianna walked slowly into the party, Millianna gazed in awe at all the beautiful painting and all the interesting people around her, where as Kagura kept her head forward, deeply lost in thoughts. She heard guys give her a few compliments but she just brushed them off, she didn't really care enough about guys to make a fuss over it. They quickly met up with the other members of Mermaid's Heel in the large circular room and started generally talking.

"Why are you two so late?" Risley asked, not really out of annoyance, but more sweet curiosity, only Kagura seemed to be spiteful in Mermaid's Heel, which just made her seem different. "We just got a little caught up behind two people." Millianna said, still admiring the room in it's beauty. "Two people?" Risley asked, not quite satisfied by the few facts Millianna gave her. "Two random guys, they both seemed to be going towards this party." Millianna said, looking around the room for the two men she had seen.

"Do you see them here, Kagura?" Millianna asked her, but she didn't respond. She was lost deep in thought of that man with jet black hair and crimson eyes, how he hadn't even know it but he had stared deep into her soul, deep into her kind, and now he was there to stay. She blinked when a loud noise echoed through the door. All the mages looked towards the door, but that's when they entered.

"Natsu-san!" A blonde haired male shouted as he walked in, tall and proud, not caring of the people with in the kingdom, who could be know as non other than Sting Eucliffe, the white dragon slayer of Sabertooth, and followed him was a tall, muscled male with green hair, who was known as Orga, if she recalled from memory, after him came a long hair blonde mail wearing a rather fashionable hat, who she knew was Rufus Lore. then followed someone she didn't know the name of, but recognized instantly, with long, jet black hair, and crimson eyes. 

"Oh, there they are!" Millianna said, pointing at Sting and his friend with the black hair, who seemed generally uninterested. Sting looked over at her with a general look of interest. "What was that?" Sting shouted to Millianna, sounding ruder than it should have been, he didn't want to start a fight. Kagura moved next to Millianna, if a fight was about to start, she didn't want Millianna to be alone. The male with black hair saw what was going on and so rested his hand on Sting's shoulder. "What?" Sting asked him. "Calm down. Remember why we're here." The male had a soft, deep and warm voice, despite the fact he still had that hint of boredom in his voice. 

Kagura was still staring at him, her dark brown eyes continued to watch him as he moved slowly and gently. Millianna turned to Kagura, and saw she was staring straight at him, which Millianna found interesting. "Kagura." Millianna said, but Kagura didn't respond, didn't even notice. She  never broke her eyes away from the male. 

----------------- Rogue's P.O.V ------------------

Rogue felt like he was being watched, which was ironic for him, being how he was a controller of shadows, usually he was the one watching, rather than being watched. Rogue and Sting generally talked with Gajeel about work in Sabertooth and Fairy Tail, and were actually getting along rather well. "Hey Ryos, that Mermaid's Heel chick has been eyeing you all night." Gajeel said in quite an 'as a matter of fact' sort of attitude.  Rogue took a small glance over his shoulder, and Gajeel was right. He didn't know her name, hell he barely knew her at all, but she was staring straight at him.

"I wonder why." I asked, still not showing any interest, although I was a little curious. "Do you know her?" Gajeel asked, which I paused and thought about for a second. "No, no I don't." I replied casually. "Rogue-kun!" Frosch said as he poked my leg gently. I knelled down and picked him up then help him in my arms gently and I stroked his ear gently. "Why is that woman staring at you?" Frosch asked and I shrugged gently. "I don't know. I have no idea why she is." I said, putting Frosch down so he could join the other exceeds.

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