Visiting The Past

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Rogue only carried Kagura for about thirty minutes before putting her down and they started walking together. The two had traveled an extensive distance , constantly swapping between conversation and silence. It had been around 3 hours of walking before the two came across a small town, a large church spire standing in the center of the town. Rogue walked through the town, paying very little attention to what was happening, just minding his own business. "You know, Kagura..." he began, turning around to speak to her, but she was no where in sight.

Kagura's P.O.V

It was rude of me to leave Rogue as he just walked, but I had to. I knew this town all to well. I slipped around the church slowly and quietly, entering the large graveyard behind it. I knew the trees that hung over the graves like a cloud all too well. I moved down the dirt walk ways between the graves swiftly. Though I hated this place, I had to check on... his grave.

I came to an open clearing, and in the dead center, surrounded by flowers of different colours, was the grave of my brother. Simon had died several years earlier, but I still missed him constantly. I was slow when approaching the grave, even after all this time it still made my heart ache when I got too close. I got onto my knees and placed my sword at my side as I stared at the grave.

"Hello, Simon. Sorry it's been so long" I gave time, like I was expecting a reply. I knew nothing was going to come, but I like to leave silence, somewhere, somehow, we was replying. "I've been so busy, after the Grand Magic Games I met a group of new friends and almost died a few times... I also met a guy" I said the last part softly and somehow, considering where I was, I smiled. "His name's Rogue, and he's a guy you'd approve of. He cares me, just like you did..." I sighed. The more I thought about it, the more similarities I was able to match between Rogue and Simon. 

"I'm just glad I found somebody who makes me feel loved, just like you did" I stood up as tears began to form in my eyes. "He's so good to me" The tears were flowing freely now. "Maybe he's too good to me, do I deserve it?" Within seconds of saying his hands slipped gently around my waist from behind. A deep voice whispered gently in my ear "Yes, you do" it said. I knew it was Rogue instantly. He had fantastic timing. 

He spun me around gently and pulled me close as I gathered my thoughts. "Thank you, Rogue" I whispered and I felt him smiling gently. "It's what I'm here for" I looked up at him slightly. "What are you here for?" I asked, playing dumb just to see what he'd say if he was on the spot. He smirked gently. "I'm here for you, duh" I laughed gently and then sighed. 

"Let's go" I took his hand and gently tried to drag him away

Rogue's P.O.V

Kagura began to drag me away but I shook her off gently. "One sec, go on ahead, I have something I want to say" I said, looking back at the grave. She also looked at the grave then quickly looked away. "Alright" was all she said before she slowly walked off. I looked at the grave for a few more seconds then I approached it quickly. I sat in front of it and nodded my head. 

"Don't worry, Simon. I promise I'll protect her, just like you would"

I heard Kagura shout my name in the distant, which brought me back to reality. I stood up, bowed to the grave and then sped in the direction Kagura had went. My last words spun in my mind a little. "I'll protect her, just like you would". That wasn't true. I wouldn't just protect her like he would. I will protect her with my life. Care for her in a way I've never cared for anyone before. As I got closer to Kagura and the image of her face became clear, only four words stood out in my mind. "Because I love her"

Author's Note:

Next chapter will be about what Sting's been doing in the past few days. This story is about maybe 2/3 done but don't worry, I have a plan on how this story shall end and it will be adorable as hell. 

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