Love Is A Literal Battlefield

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Rogue kept walking naturally and slowly, keeping nice and calm. He and Kagura kept talking happily about a few different ideas. Work, their magical ablilities, favourite foods, colours. They didn't have a lot of things in common, but they still got along in a few other ways. They laughed, joked and genuinely, Rogue's problems quickly disappeared. They just all fades away in Kagura's smile. Kagura and Rogue both had fun with just simply walking, this date was perfect so far! Somewhere along the way they had linked hands and were both blushing, but were both happy and comfortable. As they arrived at the resturant, Rogue smiled and stepped inside, and instantly the smells of the food hit them both, causing them both to instantly become hungry. Rogue walked over to his reserved table and showed Kagura her seat very politely.

 The date was going extremely well. Rogue and Kagura both slowly opened up with the other through small conversations. Rogue was still a little quiet at times, and so was Kagura. They were both quiet and awkward in this situation, but had comfort that it was with eachother, rather than someone else. Kagura seemed to be a little uncomfortable at times, but Rogue and Kagura slowly became more playful, jokingly flicking eachother and poking eachother. Rogue slowly seemed to smiled everytime she did. Her smile is truely beautiful, everytime she smiled, he couldn't help but lighten up a little bit, everytime Rogue smiled, Kagura blushed a little. His smile was rare, and she knew that, but now he was smiling constantly, that is so interesting to her. When they first met, he was so quiet and emotionless, but now he seemed to be really enjoying himself. He laughed, joked, smiled and was actually being playful with her. 

Dessert was fantastic, and they both just went silent as they ate, it was just that good! They both finished happily and sighed in contempt. Kagura kept on pushing the fact that she should pay, as he had no choice in going to this date, but Rogue was determined on paying. As she went to put down the amaount of Jewels necessary Rogue quickly took her hand. She looked up at him, but not in a shocked or angry way, but she was blushing. Rogue just smiled and pulled her into a quick and EXTREMELY awkward hug. 

Neither of them were very good with physical human contact, unless it was fighting. They stayed in the uncomfortable hug for a few seocnds then quickly pulled away awkwardly. They gained a few odd looks from others in the resturant, but neither of them really cared what anyone else thought about them, especially together. 

They paid quickly, deciding to split the bill, rather then just have a useless arguement, which they both thought they were winning. 

On the walk back they decided to talk about their guildmates and friends, since they both seemed to be in a bit of a disapproving situation. The date was coming to an end, and Rogue wasn't exactly happy at that idea. All his problems would come rushing back to him after Kagura left. 

"I'm really sorry about my friends." Kagura began, a little saddened

"I don't see why you have to be sorry." Rogue smiled gently, but Kagura still seemed a little upset.

"They... have very differing opinions of you." She continued, which was very true. Millianna and Risley were extremely happy and excited Kagura was with Rogue, where as Beth and Arana were disgusted and aggrivated with the fact she was dating someone.

Rogue decided not to add to this conversation. He and Sting almost had a rumble, and he didn't want Kagura to feel guilty at all. 

"...What about your friends?" Kagura asked. Rogue really wished she hadn't asked, but she had. He wasn't going to lie to her... he just wasn't going to tell her everything

"Well.. they aren't exactly happy, but that's their problem, not ours." He said, putting emphasis on 'ours' as in saying it wasn't her problem to deal with either.

"I understand. Sting and I aren't on the best of terms, since he and Yukino...." she began, but Rogue quickly stopped and pushed a finger to her lips, quieting her down.

"You worry too much." Rogue siad with a smile, blushing slightly and moving his finger away.

"You're too care free." Kagura countered, smiling back. This relationship was strange. It seemed more love-hate then anything.

They were silent for the rest of the way to Mermaid Heel's hotel, but they held hands and jokingly pushed each others a little. As they got the Mermaid Heel's hotel, they both paused and looked at each other. The silence between them was thick and extremely awkward and unwanted. Rogue just smiled and slowly released Kagura's hand. This was only a first date, so they didn't have to many social boundaries that needed to be met in order to count as a "date". 

"Can we do this again sometime?" Kagura suddenly asked before Rogue turned away. He pondered the question then smiled happily at her. "Definetly." Kagura smiled and suddenly hugged him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled against his neck. Rogue just blushed intensely and slowly hugged back, being very careful, as if he was approching a wild tiger. 

Kagura moved her head away and looked Rogue dead in the eye while blushing and smiling. "Thank you..." she said quickly before swiftly kissing Rogue on the lips and pulling away before rushing in through the door. Rogue was stunned. He was frozen in place. He sighed happily and started walking. He knew where he was walking, but he wasn't sure what he was exactly supposed to do about it. 

He walked along the edge of the river towards Fairy Tail's hotel. He wasn't sure exactly what to do when he got there. But he had to try. Rogue walked up to the dor slowly and sighed. He could hear voices, since he had incredible hearing, being a dragon slayer. He slowly knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. A few slow and boring seconds pasted before a scarlet haired girl opened the door and looked at him quizically.

"Rogue?" Erza began. He sighed in responce and looked into her eyes. "Why are you here?" she asked, Natsu and Gray were now peeking around the corner at him, aslo looking rather quizically.

He paused for a few seconds and contemplaited what he really needed. He then spoke a few second later in a slow and orderly fashion.

"I need advice..."

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