The Solo Mission

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Early In the Morning: Rogue

The sky was still a tender pitch of black, despite the fact it was early in the morning and the sun should be rising in a quater of an hour or so, by Rogue's calculations. The breeze was bitter and cold, so Rogue collected a few extra peices of clothing, including his jet black cape to counter his snow white scarf. Good thing he could become shadows, because creeping about in a house with a dragonslayer was impossible. The increased smell and hearing of a dragonslayer made it impossible to sneak around within a fifty foot radius of said dragonslayer. He had left a note on the outside of his door, telling Sting all the major details of his plan for the day. He was a little worried that Sting and Kagura might think he is ignoring them, and in a way he was, but at the same time he was sort of ignoring the whole world.

Sabertooth Hotel: Sting

The sun had yet to even slightly brighten the sky, so it was obvious to the fact that the breeze would be bitter and cold. Rogue had his usual attire, but decided to take his snow white scarf in parallel to his usual jet black cape. Rogue used his shadow form to quietly move through the house, before leaving under the door. As he suspected, the air was crisp and cold against his skin. He pulled the scarf gently above his mouth to keep his jaw from stinging in the bitter wind. He looked once more back at his home. He had around four hours before Sting would wake up, but he would be walking, because a train was basically hell.  His face went pale from just the thought of taking the train.

Sting awoke to the bright lines of light bursting through his curtains. He groaned and winced then turned onto his side, mumbling a little to himself about how it was too bright outside. He quickly gained his composier and sat up, full of energy, as if he had just been sparked by electricity. He jumped up and stretched his body, groaning slightly before smiling. It was a bright and calm day outside, almost perfect. He quickly got dressed in his usual attire of blue fur-lined jacket and grey shorts. After he did his usual walk over to Rogue's door to check if the Shadow Mage was up. Rogue was not a morning person, but he always woke up extremely early. He was definetely odd in that sense.

Sting strut over to Rogue's room. It was down the hall from his, and doing this minor journey to Rogue's room was basically his morning routine. But something was different this time. As he approuched Rogue's door, a small note was stuck upon it, evidently written by Rogue which Sting could tell from the gentle and clear penmanship. Sting read it aloud.

                   Dear Sting

I have decided to spend today alone on a personal solo misson in order to think about my personal ideals with Kagura and to find answers to the questions that continue to surface within my mind. Don't bother trying to search for me, as it will not help either of us. I am in no way attempting to ignore you or Kagura, and I want to make that completely clear. Regardless, I should return in a day or so, but do not worry. Feed Frosch and make sure to tell Kagura this is not her fault in anyway. Take care and make sure not to create too much of a drama or cause to much damage without me.

                                            Your dear friend, Rogue

Sting read over the letter a few more times, just to be sure he read it correctly. Rogue left to be alone, and even left Frosch, him and Kagura behind? Something must be wrong. But wrong distinctly said to not blame anyone or to follow him. But then he looked at it again. "Make sure to tell Kagura it is not her fault in anyway." What about Sting? There was very little about Sting. Was he to blame? No, he trusted Frosch to him. But something must have pushed him to leave?! Was he missing something!?

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