An Eventful Argument and A Sudden Collision

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Rogue and Kagura

Rogue sat in the dark, staring at the sky in anticipation for Kagura to come back. She eventually returned, but only after an hour of Rogue worrying about her safety. The thing at really pissed him off is when she got back, she said nothing to him. Nothing, not a word. She sat down on the opposite side of the fire and he just sighed angrily, then stood up. Kagura looked questioningly, and he just avoided her gaze. He walked away from the fire and as soon as there was no visible light, and he was in the complete darkness. "Urgh, that girl" he muttered to himself, before flopping down onto the ground and releasing a sigh. Why was she suddenly angry? He'd said nothing, literally. 

He used his powers to play with the shadows around him, testing his abilities as he always did when we felt bored. He enjoyed watching the shadows dance across the walls around him, it somehow allowed him to relax and just think, the shadows reflecting his thoughts. He did this a lot as of recent, or since he had started dating Kagura, and all the following events had really been driving him crazy, all the questions, with no answers to be found.

 Sting and Millianna

Sting and Millianna had been walking, almost aimlessly to Sting, for maybe a quarter of an hour, but Millianna kept reassuring him that she knew where they were going. Sting didn't really mind, as he just continued to stare at the sky, not even noticing that Millianna had taken his hand to guide him. But Millianna definitely knows what she was doing. Taking his hand had made her blush a deep shade of red. 

It wasn't a long walk to get to the park Millianna was talking about, but it definitely wasn't a short walk, which resulted in the two holding hands for much longer than she had expected, but she wasn't going to complain. They did soon arrive to the park and she was not wrong, the sights of stars in the small reserved park was amazing. Of course Millianna would love the sights of stars, it relaxed her and for some reason, really made her happy. She was worried, would Sting feel the same? Much to her surprise, Sting was enjoying the view more than she was. Of all people, he would be the one to appreciate beautiful lights, considering his magic was based around light.

He had no idea what time it was, or how long they had been there, but it only felt like minutes, which would fade into hours. Their time together was always like that...

Rogue, alone in the woods

Rogue had been alone in the darkness for a while, but he was just thinking calmly, he did this quite often actually. It was the reason he had such a calm aura around him, he would always think calmly. It was a good way to relax. He released a gentle sigh and then went back to his silence. Questions kept surfacing on his mind, but he tried to push them away. But the one thing he couldn't stop thinking. What was wrong with her? Seriously, what had he done?

"Rogue?" he heard her calling out. He paused. What would be best here? Avoid her or stay in his place? He just shrugged. Why should he care? That was the usual Rogue attitude. He liked to stick to this attitude sometimes. She found her way through the overgrowth of trees Rogue had hidden himself within. She looked blankly at him, resenting the aura he was giving off.

"You shouldn't storm off into the woods, you know." she said, and Rogue gave a gentle "tch" in response. She sighed and laid down as well, but not near enough to him to make him want to move. She looked at him every few minutes, and he never gave a single response.

"How long do you plan on staying out here." she asked, like he had planned this all out.

"As long as it takes." he responded casually, showing no interesting in her or the conversation. This was the side of him he thought he'd lost.

She sighed, this was going to take a while.

Sorry guys, short chapter. I have been super busy with exams and such. Once I get a week off I will probably be able to catch up with this story.

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