The After-Party

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The gentle and slow day had finally crept over the sweet dusk after the grand magic games had finally ended. After the great and large contributions the wizards had put in for the fantastic Grand Magic Games and after the Eclipse problem was already fixed and no longer caused problem or breaks in people's relations, the kingdom had decided to throw a large party for all the wizards that had participated, allowing the wizards to relax and interact with each other a little bit more without the distraction of fighting hanging over their heads. Sabertooth, the second ranking team, were one of the few guilds attending the party, and they decided to settle a few things happily and maybe have some fun on their way. Two of Sabertooth's wizards who were attending this party were Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. The Dragon Slayer Duo were not on the greatest of terms with all the wizards attending the part, after the large scale fight between them and Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox from Fairy Tail, and the second fight between Rogue and Gajeel, which almost ended in death.

"Rogue, hurry the hell up!" Sting shouted, spraying his last spray of deodorant and adjusting his collar slightly. Sting was in the mood for a bit of partying and maybe a few drinks, as if he wasn't rowdy enough.

"Yeah yeah." Rogue said walking down the stairs carrying Frosch gently in his arms. He smiled gently while playing with Frosch's frog hoodie while gently petting his fur. "Let's have some fun  today and not let things get too out of hand, alright?" Rogue asked Sting. Fighting wasn't Rogue's favourite ideal. "Fro thinks so too!" Frosch shouted happily, nuzzling against Rogue's chest.

"Agreed." Sting smiled at him while opening the door and stepping out. "Let's have some fun." Sting added gently, forgetting the part about not letting things get out of hand, as Rogue stepped out of the house and closed the door. Frosch and Lector followed Sting and Rogue down the road towards the party.

Meanwhile at Mermaid's Heel...

"Come on Kagura, let's get going!" Millianna shouted through Kagura's door as Kagura played with her hair gently. Kagura was never one to be in a dress with such an amount of make up and she truly did hate it. Even if it made her look "beautiful" or "cute". She wasn't one to look for attention and thus, didn't want it. But the dress code was extremely specific.

She sighed and opened the door as Millianna blushes slightly and smiled brightly. "You look amazing!" Millianna squealed like a young child. "Why do I need to be this dressed up?" Kagura asked, evidently annoyed. "Well, there will me lots of strong male wizards there..." Millianna said and Kagura sighed gently. She grabbed her keys and looked at Millianna. "Let's just get this over with..." She mumbled and Millianna smiled.

"You could try to have a little fun Kagura..." Millianna said, a little worried about her friend. "Fun isn't a necessity, so there is no need." Kagura huffed while opening the door. "Maybe you need more than a boyfriend." Millianna started thinking. "I'll be fine alone. I don't need a boyfriend..." Kagura said as she closed the door and started walking with Millianna. "You never know. Some girls don't know what they want." Millianna said, poking her cheek slightly. "I know what I want. I want peace." she said, quietly continuing down the road. But what happened next would change her desire completely...

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