(Edited) Chapter 5

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Chapter Five

One Word: Awkward


"I like him," I say. It feels strange to finally admit this to someone, even if it is through the phone. I hear my best friend Susan gasp.

"Oh my god! When did you realize? I was just waiting for you to figure out you're into him." Susan and I have known each other since forever. She's like my non-biological sister. We used to go to the same school until High school started. After which, we went off to different schools. Now we meet up occasionally. Even though I've become good friends with Sharon, Kayla and Sandra, I don't share everything with them. Susan's the one who knows me in and out.

"Wait, you knew I had a thing for him?!" I exclaim, surprised beyond belief.

"Duh! I'm your best friend. Of course I did. So tell me, when did you figure it out?"

"Today-I mean I had my doubts. But it just sort of became clearer today," I say. "It's really weird because I do not want to like him. I feel it's not right."

"Why not?"

"Because Aiden's my friend-that's it. We're just friends. He doesn't think of me as anything more. Maybe a sister, but that's as far as it goes. It just feels so wrong having these feelings for him when he feels absolutely nothing for me. How can I like him?"

"Of course you can. It's common of friends to start liking each other." She says.

"Except there is no 'each other'; He likes her, not me," I say. "I sort of regret realizing this-that I like him. It makes everything ten times more awkward. And we had to be partnered up for this dance project out of all things!"

"Wait what? What dance project?"

"Yeah, Aiden and I have to perform a dance routine. I'm supposed to dance with Aiden, dance! I think I'd rather plant dirty saplings or grow bugs in my room then dance with him. It will be so awkward."

"Awkward, but oh-so-worth it; You're just being dramatic. Deep inside you're super thrilled."

I chuckle. "Damn Susan, you know me so well. Anyway, I have to go and get ready. Aiden will be here anytime now. We're going to have our first dance practice!"

Susan squeals. "Awesome! I won't keep you up then. But just want to remind you-don't end up doing something you're not supposed to-with him, okay?"

I roll my eyes. "Yes mom, now shoo!" She laughs on the other end. After mumbling a 'goodbye', I hang up.

I sigh and flop down on my bed, relishing the feel of the soft sheets against my skin. I wonder how our dance practice will go. I can't imagine I'm supposed to dance with him; What dance form will we perform? I hope it's something intimate like Salsa or Tango. I can already imagine us dancing... I sigh with delight. God, I need to stop. I need to stop imagining myself with him. It's just a silly project and it doesn't matter.

Aiden must be on his way here and I want to look presentable when he arrives. I start cleaning up my room. It's in such a messy condition. I fluff the pillows and change the bed-sheet. I clean up the floor too and shift away some of the furniture so there's space to dance. By the time I'm done, I feel really tired but somehow, I'm still buzzing with energy; just knowing that in a couple of minutes I'll be dancing with my crush wipes off my lethargy.

The bell rings twice-Aiden is here. I stand up so suddenly that I knock off the pillow beside me and it falls down on the floor. I pick it up and rush out of my room; I stub my toe against the door in my hurry and let out a muffled scream. But I don't have a lot of time to focus on the pain, so I simply rush down the stairs and almost slip.

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