Loved Too Late (June 24, 2020)

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TL;DR -- Trigger warning for: car accident, hospitalization, trauma, guilt, loss of a loved one, casual alcohol use, dubcon (we add as we go on) so for morally upright people haha pls do not proceed


Siyempre, magpapanggap na naman ako na may nagbabasa nito. Pero sa huli, may magme-message pa rin para magtanong na nakalagay dito. Haha.

I am only uploading this because this is my 9th year anniversary with wattpad. It's funny that I uploaded WYSLMT the same day last year, so happy anniv Lees. june 24 will always be special to us haha. Thank you Abby for reminding haha.

Anyhoo, this is probably not the best material to celebrate it with, but better than nothing right? I can't believe it's been almost a decade since I signed up. Talagang tumanda na talaga ako with this platform, and I will never have it the other way :)

So mga friends, please read so that you won't necessarily find yourself digging your own grave.


It is also recommended to read Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, first. But if you are okay with spoilers and you want to dive down to this, it's okay. It is a standalone.

Just... Please do not proceed if you without so much caution. The material can be so dark and can be potentially triggering and emotionally challenging, so please, be responsible.

This is Perci's story, another of the Lees, so I intentionally put a dash more of suffering and anguish, and maybe a wee bit more darkness. 

Anyway, this isn't recommended for binge-reading (if you've read WYSLMT, you will understand. Imagine WYSLMT on drugs, this is it), as it contains deliberate elements for the pain directed towards the characters. I wanted to deliberately clear out that there will be ongoing and/or chronic suffering and loneliness. So if you're looking for cute stuff, for kilig, for some smiles, please go away. Save yourself from this stuff.

I really hate to explain the intentions of my visions, but I just wanted to warn those who came to love Perci in WYSLMT might not love him now.

There will be three romantic objects. Three cycles. And probably three defeats. It will be confusing at first but later, I hope things will fall in its place as you read the story.

I will try to make this as short as possible so we won't have to suffer for long. I will consciously try to make it less than half of my usual length. So expect more narration po.

I'm challenging myself here to put all of the things I dislike writing. And in a way try to make the material stand up on its own not because of the plot but on the writing. I'm not sure if you get it, but it doesn't matter. It's just about Perci being pushed into his boundaries.

In here, he is the man who can't be moved.

Happy a̶n̶g̶s̶t̶y̶ reading! (Kung kelan ko man ma-upload haha) Just prologue lang later <3

And happy anniv to us!


Date started: June 24, 2020

Date completed: --

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