bite. - chapter 13- red haze

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I saw him like a solid rock jutting out of a turbulent sea. Someone to cling on to amidst the uncertainty of this strange new vampire life. Micah was here in this world, in my world. He was the familiarity that my unconscious kept reaching out for and tonight I almost touched him. He was there in front of me on Emma’s laptop- how he got on my dead cousin’s laptop didn’t matter- Micah was alive. I had spoken to him and for a few brief moments, I was overjoyed to see him, I had so much to ask him about my home town, my parents, my school, our old friends- I didn’t know where to start but I never got the opportunity.

The laptop lay across Emma’s floor in a thousand pieces, Michael stood solemnly in the corner reeling from the verbal slap I had delivered him after he smashed my little bubble of hope. I knew it was childish, I knew I shouldn’t have said it, but god at the moment in time Michael could have been the devil himself. My whole body was numb trembling with rage. How could Michael do this? Was he jealous? Was he trying to prevent me from breaking the stupid vampire treaty- lord knows why every other vampire in our coven regularly broke the treaty on daily basis. I needed Micah more than I needed oxygen- well technically I don’t need oxygen so I guess blood- I needed Micah more than I needed blood right now.

Michael calmly tried to pacify my fury, taking a single step towards me he said,

“I understand why you hate me right now but you need to take a deep breath and-”

“Don’t patronize me Michael.”  I cut across him my fingers raking through my hair.

My whole body was pumping with adrenaline and I needed to vent somehow, either screaming the place down or attacking the dry wall. But right now I couldn’t be here with him. Throwing my arms up into the air I said,

“I need some air.”

Michael moved in an unexpected blur and blocked the door out of the apartment. He thought I was going to run and he knew if I ran he would not be able to catch me. Fighting to control my temper I tried to explain,

“I’m not going to run, I just need some air.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Michael, please, I’m suffocating here.”

“I know, I can feel your pain as if it was my own-”

“You know nothing about my feelings!” I yelled.

Michael flinched, I saw the pain flicker across his eyes but my own selfish misery cut in so deep into my heart I couldn’t think of anything else. Michael took another step forward.

“I am your mate, your husband-”

“Michael, you said it yourself. You can be anything I want so long as I don’t send you away.”

“Lorna I love you. I’m trying to protect you!”

“From Micah? I trust Micah more than I trust you and every other blasted vampire I’ve ever met.”

Tears were now streaming down my eyes, my voice felt heavy and sore from yelling so much. Michael inhaled deeply and announced.

“Lorna, I’m sorry.”

“It’s too god damn late now! He’s gone!”

Michael shook his head,

“No, not for that. For this.”

Michael lunged forward with supernatural speed his arms caught me crushing me against his chest. For a moment I thought he would kiss me or throw me over his shoulder or tie me up. But he didn’t. Fingers swept over my neck as he pushed aside my hair and I felt his tongue swirling against my neck finding the pulse. I tensed- he was going to bite me. I struggled but it was in vain, like a boa constrictor, Michael’s arms tightened with each attempt to break free. Finally I gave in and stayed very still. Michael’s teeth scraped over my pulse then sank in opening the vein.