bite. chapter 16- hot city night

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When I woke up, Michael was already gone. I lay staring at empty pillow next to me and felt the cool cotton against my fingers. He was long gone. Sitting up I hugged my knees and tried to think why was Michael avoiding me? Usually Michael left a note before he left but my bedside table was empty. Depressed I curled back up into bed and buried my face into pillow. I could still smell him on me from last night. My heart fluttered and my pulsed danced as images of what we did last night flickered through my mind. Closing my eyes I imagined his lips grating against mine and my fingertips entwined in his hair. I wanted his blood so badly.

My bedroom door opened and Francesca stepped in with a toddler cup of blood.  Her auburn hair was in a messy bun and she was wearing a baby pink velour tracksuit.

“Good morning!” She smiled in a warm southern accent.

I think she was creeping around me because of the argument we had. This whole human to vampire acclimatization was not going well. Being paired with Michael and having to help Duncan find his dead daughter’s killer was really taking its toll on me. Especially when Michael decides to up and leave the very first time we had sex. Francesca was lucky, I was too preoccupied with Michael to continue my anger at her. Instead I politely took my microwaved blood and asked,

“Are you going out tonight?”

“We’re staying in.” Francesca replied.

That was weird, they never stayed in. Francesca glanced sideways and lowered her voice and whispered,

“Your Great Grandpa is visiting Duncan.”

“My Great Grandpa?” I whispered back imagining some elderly vampire with a walking frame.

“Magda’s Grandpa.”

Oh, Magda’s homophobic Grandpa from eastern Europe. He had disowned his only grandchild for falling in love with another woman and for pairing outside their perfect blue eyed coven. His disownment of Magda nearly killed her.

“Does he know I exist?” I asked.

Francesca shook her head, “As far as Grandpa Leandro is concerned he does not have a granddaughter.”

“That’s great because as far as I am concerned I do not have Great Grandpa.” I said.

Francesca patted my head, “You’re so sweet. Oh, Sheldon popped this around earlier.” She said producing a note.

My heart missed a beat- Micah’s email address! I took the paper and opened it up.

‘The account Micah had been using to communicate to Emma has been deactivated. Sorry kid.’

Deactivated? Why?

I quickly got dressed and went over to Sheldon’s apartment. Knocking on Sheldon’s door I waited for an answer. I could here the faint sound of heavy metal thumping from within the apartment so I knew someone was home. I knocked again and heard a muffled voice whisper, ‘Don’t answer.’

Losing my patience I opened the door and walked in. Sheldon sat at the desk bubble wrapping his computer components.

“Aw shit.” He said as I marched in.

Throwing the piece of paper at him I snapped,

“You better have a good explanation for that.”

Sheldon threw up his hands defensively, “And I have.”

Pulling up a chair I sat down in front of him and waited for his explanation. Sheldon scratched the back of his head and sighed,

“Micah’s account was deactivated in the last 48 hours. The email service provider shut down his account.”

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