bite. chapter 20 - revelations

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I ran after Michael, Sheldon following me quickly behind. Out in the corridor Michael was forcing the elevator doors open. Holding his gun he peered up the elevator shaft and then aimed. Five loud gun shots followed assaulting my sensitive vampire ears. Sheldon protectively clamped his hands over my ears to protect them as Michael then angrily emptied the clip into the darkness. Thrusting the gun back into his waistband he violently punched the half opened elevator door. Metal crunched beneath his fist and I caught the faint smell of his blood in the air. Breaking away from Sheldon and ran to Michael just before he was about to hit the metal door again. Catching his bleeding fist I gently enclosed my fingers around it and tearfully said,

“Please stop.”

The angry rage inside Michael subsided when he looked down at my eyes wide with anxiety and fear. His breathe caught in his throat and he place his hand over mine and brought them to his lips in a brief tender gesture of affection. The phone in the pocket of his sweat pants began to vibrate, Michael pulled his phone out and answered it. A loud angry voice screamed at him down the phone, I recognised that voice, Gabriel.

“You stupid dumb fucking ignoramus!”

Michael lifted the handset away from his ear as the verbal onslaught continued.

“You already shot me once in the ass! What the fuck is wrong with you, you know I’m stood in the elevator so why the hell are you shooting at me.”

“The V-3 wanted Lorna’s scent.” Michael said.

There was silence on the phone, Michael glanced down at me and said, “I need to talk in private, you and Sheldon go back to the apartment.”

I didn’t like secrets. I didn’t like when Michael was hiding information from me. Reluctantly I went back to the apartment and sat down on the couch. Sheldon looked really rattled. He went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of blood and brought it into the loungue.

“That was some fucked up shit.” He said taking a stiff gulp of blood.

“What do you think Michael meant-” Before I had finished my sentence Sheldon held his hands defensively up.

“Don’t look at me, I haven’t the foggiest.” He replied.

“You know what- fuck my life.” I snapped kicking the coffee table over.

 Sheldon raised his glass, “I can toast to that.” He said taking another gulp.

“For fucksake! Why I can’t live goddam normal  life?” I said.

“Um maybe because we are not ‘normal’ human beings. We are adolescent vampires, our puberty lasts a few decades.” Sheldon said pulling a hip flask of tequila from his jacket.

“Then why can’t I live a goddam normal vampire life?” I said.

“Do you want some tequila to take the edge off your nerves?” Sheldon asked.

I shook my head leaning back into the cushions.  Touching my face I felt the cold slimy residue of the monsters salvia clinging to skin from where it had licked me. Why the hell would it want my scent? These animals seemed to be cold ruthless killing machines with no conscious thought. Each encounter I have had with them they have always acted on instinct which was driven by hunger. Twice I have seen seemly gentle people turn into these monsters and devour humans, but tonight it held back. Tonight wasn’t about the hunger- it was about executing a plan. I groaned and slumped further into the couch covering my head with a large oversized cushion. Sheldon lifted up the cushion peeking at my face and said,

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