Chapter 1. Detention!

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Oh crap I'm gonna be late for potions with Snape. The red haired girl was panic thinking as she was running towards the potions classroom.

She walks inside. Yes!! He doesn't look this way so maybe.. maybe he won't notice me slinking inside. Ginny thought hopefully while she hurried to go sit at her desk with some other Gryffindors in her class. "Oh hey Ginny!" Dean Thomas -that for a fact has a crush on me since like two years back, I mean it's not like he's good at hiding it- "sssshhhhh, Snape can heat and then he'll know I was" I said but was quickly interrupted "miss Weasley, how nice of you to show up at last" Snape says, walking up behind me.

I smile innocently "isn't it?"
"Miss Weasley détention after school today, I will give you details about it later" he turns around and starts teaching the class.

"Class dismissed, Weasley stay here I have something to discuss with you" Snape says as everyone else walks away. "Sorry Ginny" I hear Dean whisper to me before he walks out.

"Miss Weasley your detention will start right after dinner, and it will be until 10. Meet me and the other who has detention tonight here at 7 o'clock. I do not tolerate you being late to detention too." I nod while looking down at the ground. "Good now leave this classroom this instant!" I walk/run out of the classroom.

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