Wrapped in Deception (4) [Picture of Lee]

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      I didn't dare to believe what I was seeing.

      Had Blake actually been correct? Was Jeremy only so easy on me because he was getting what he wanted out of someone else?

      I felt so sick and disgusted with myself that I felt like throwing up there and then.

      I had loved this boy. He had seemed so generous and loving. Why continue the façade with me, then, if he had the head cheerleader wrapped around his fingers?

      This, I should have foreseen. I mean, he was the quarterback of the football team, and she...

      I couldn't even bring myself to think.

      "You sick son of a bitch!"

      Sara's shrill and undeniably furious voice broke the silence in the room, and the two turned their heads to look at us.

      I could feel Sara squeezing my hand, willing me to keep calm, but I couldn't. I had really loved this boy, and this is what I get?

      I didn't have to look into a mirror to know that tears were gushing out of me, I couldn't help it, honest to God.

      Both of the traitors looked startled, but only Jeremy had the grace to look ashamed. His face actually paled significantly, and he fumbled to dress himself.

      Jennifer, on the other hand, was not ashamed of her actions.

      Typical of her.

      I couldn't describe what I felt then, it was like someone had shoved a hot burning flame through my heart. Guess that's how heartbreak feels like.

      "She's already so fragile, yet you still lead her on. You could have prevented this from happening, you sick asshole, what does it take for you to think with your brain for once?" Sara was on a roll, and I couldn't seem to stop her.

      She had my hand in a death grip, and I couldn't pull away.

      "I can't believe you! I actually thought you were a nice guy. Well, you be sure to stay away from her, because if you ever go near her even once more, I swear I will make sure you never have children, ever."

      I couldn't see this anymore.

      I wrenched my hand out of Sara's grip, and ran.

      I didn't know exactly where I was going, but I needed to get some fresh air, clear my head.

      Tears were flowing down my face freely, and I didn't bother to hide them from the other curious cheerleaders who were standing in the hall, obviously having heard Sara's outburst.

      I wanted to yank out my car keys, yank open the car door, rev on the engine and speed off.

      Instead, I reminded myself that we were too poor to afford a car, and that I did take a ride with Jeremy every day.

      Guess I'll have to switch to walking.

      So I just ran.

      As I ran, I smudged the tears down my face. I thought of all the times Jeremy was so sweet to me, how he promised that he would wait for me.

      I remember thinking that it was too good to be true.

      How could he do this to me?

      I tried my best to be a good girlfriend - I didn't bother him when I saw him talking to another girl, I didn't cling onto him like a needy pest and I didn't call him to check up on him and ask him what he was doing.

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