Wrapped in Deception (1)

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So this is the new story entitled 'Living in a Lie'. I hope you enjoy it, and please note that I will not be continuing either of my other stories as I feel that they're not going anywhere. I'm sorry for the disappointed caused, and I really hope that this story will be enjoyable. (: It may be a little boring for starters, but bear with me! It will be more exciting in the following parts okay? :D



He ran.

Occasionally he did turn back to look. To check.

But his main objective was to run. And to keep her safe.

This was something he couldn't fail.

He didn't know much, except that the life of the beautiful infant in his arms was in jeopardy. He trusted the King and Queen to know what was best for little Jessica, but this time he wasn't so sure.

She was so young.

And my goodness, the sight of her made his heart swell with love, she was so beautiful. But those were orders, orders which had to be carried out. How could one defy royalty? You couldn't.

James didn't stop to see where he was headed. He didn't exactly have a destination in mind, he just knew that he had to get Her Highness to somewhere safe.

Queen Solinia's orders were clear. She wanted the best for Jessica Ann Renaldo, the best foster mother that there would ever be.

Jessica needed to know what love was.

Solinia didn't want to deprive her of that.

Hence she instructed him to find little Jessica a home, where she would be cared for, taught right from wrong and for her to live her life.

James was heartbroken. After spending only a while with this beautiful little girl, he felt that she had already claimed his heart.

Jessica didn't make any noise. James had had her strapped onto his chest while he ran. There she curled, against his muscular chest, sound asleep.

He risked looking at her for a while.

She was really beautiful.

Many say that when a baby is born, it is next to impossible to tell how she would look like. Jessica was special, James knew.

He felt it in his gut.

The wind whipped in his hair, and lightning crackled above.

James swore. This wasn't the best time for a storm to come, he grumbled.

His eyes searched the place frantically and then he started running once more. He had to hurry. Once the rain started, they would figure out Jessica was gone.

And they would come after her.

James quickened his stride, and five minutes later, was on his way.

He had tears in his eyes as he bid little Jessica farewell. He was only a lad, after all, and having lost his own little sister, he felt for the princess.

He looked into the eyes of the kindly foster mother, and saw fear and confusion. But he also recognized love shining through for the baby.

James knew that he had done his job. This was the right home to place the baby with.

He placed a delicate kiss on her tiny forehead, and passed a little box to the woman. With one last look at little Jessica, he faded into the night.

Manhatten, New York City

Year 2010

16 years later

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