Wrapped in Deception (3) [Picture of Jessica]

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      Lee tried to focus on the task at hand.

      He shook his head vehemently, chocolate brown hair splayed in all directions. Dad had sent him on tasks like this before: charm the mistress of the family, then crush her.

      Then Anthony would step in and claim all that the family had. Lee thought back to when he was a little boy, and his father would always bring him to exercise.

      He was a little boy back then, and didn't exactly understand the value of muscles.

      "Why do I always have to go swimming and cycling, Dad? It's so annoying. Why can't I stay home and play with the computer?" he remembered himself whining over and over.

      Each time his father's answer had been the same. "For future use, son. You'll thank me next time."

      Lee didn't understand what his father had meant back then. It was all so confusing to him.

      Now he wasn't just a confused little boy. He was ready to join his father, and to make it big. He knew what ladies liked, and the jobs his father presented him with merely were the things he enjoyed - flirting and spending time with pretty girls.

      He never had a problem with them before. Most of the girls he had dealt with before were mere airheads, he had noted.

      Delia, one of them, had actually opened up her family's safety deposit box, just because Lee had asked her too. He remembered thinking, easy. The girl was just so stupid!

      She had also poured out her family secrets to the boy she thought she knew and loved, and Lee, with all the new information, sped back to his father, who stepped in and claimed the riches of the family by blackmail.

      Anthony mostly threatened to expose the dark secrets that Delia had told Lee, and still having dignity, the family had surrended their riches to Anthony.

      Lee still remembered the look of shock, hatred and betrayal cross each girl's face as he broke their hearts. He didn't give two hoots about any of them, they were nothing to him.

      Besides, Anthony had taught Lee from young: women were scums, men were the Gods, the males should queen over the females. He drove this into Lee's head every day, and made sure that he practiced it.

      Lee knew that his mother had broken his dad's heart, and that he still loved her dearly, but he wasn't her biggest fan after finding out that she was the culprit who made his father so cruel and cold.

      "Remember son, don't trust any woman, all they're going to do is hurt you, you might as well stab them before they break your heart. That way, you won't ever get hurt."

      Lee had turned into a clone of his father, a walking stone without emotions or sympathy.

      He would not be distracted by Jessica, though beautiful as she was, she was still a girl. They're only going to make me suffer.

      Lee shut his eyes tight, and tried to force the image of a smiling Jessica out of his head.

      When he opened them again, his beautiful green eyes were seemingly frozen and cold. Lee Hunter was back.

      The boy certainly was interesting, I thought, as I walked into practice. Usually the head didn't let us waste any time. We had to be in good shape all the time.

      "Honey, are you okay? You seem a little out of it." Sara came over to me and smiled.

      "Yep, just peachy." I returned her smile and she laughed.

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