Wrapped in Deception (2)

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Hey, so this is the second chapter. Hope you all enjoy the story, it does have a plot, give it a chance please!

Thanks (:


He didn't exactly trust anyone. Not at this point in time, if you wanted to be more precise.

Everything he had planned was falling apart.

He blew out, the smell of cigeratte smoke filled the air. His companion coughed slightly. The latter didn't exactly find the smell appealing to him. Anthony should seriously find a new hobby, the little man thought. Maybe horseback riding. You did get a lot of good air while doing so.

The one named Anthony wasn't appreciative on the man's cough. He was the boss, and people would show him respect.

Slowly, Anthony turned around, his eyes were bleak and hard. The little old man flinched, then cringed. He didn't know what was wrong with the Boss, usually he wasn't in such a bad mood.

He recalled how Anthony had asked him to work for him, his handsome face filled with warmth, openness and gentleness. The old man had then accepted and had gone into the business which promised good and fast money, and recognition.

Things didn't quite stay the same, though. Anthony wasn't a nice man at all, he'd later found out. In fact, he was horrible. The man was angry practically all the time, and often yelled at him.

Anthony was very powerful.

That, by itself was a well-known fact. No one wanted to cross him. More appropriately put, no one dared to cross him. It was a risk that nobody wanted to take.

People had heard rumors of what the Boss did to people he wasn't satisfied with, and the old man had already sworn that he would never let himself be in that position.

Even better, he didn't want his family to get caught up in this line of work. He was wrong to have started this in the first place.

Anthony didn't speak for a while.

He decided to let the fear settle in, let the old man be terrified so that he'd listen more clearly.

He counted from one to sixty in his head, never taking his cold, emotionless eyes off the old man.

The man's discomfort could be felt. It was quite obvious actually.

Finally, his lips moved.

"You failed me, Mezira. You failed to eliminate all of the royal family. You failed to let my family take over. Now, tell me, what exactly are you good for? I have already sent my son Lee, in your place. This was all a complete waste of my time."

There was absolutely no emotion in his voice, which made Mezira shiver even more. That was even worse that Boss being angry and hurling things across the room.

The silent voice, as he called it, was dangerous. It usually meant Anthony was too pissed off to even consider your mistakes, and everyone knew what happened to people who disappointed Anthony.

They simply stopped being alive.

Mezira finally opened his mouth to speak. "I'm so sorry, Sir. I really did think I had them all. Queen Solinia and King Henrie are already being held hostage in the cellar. I didn't quite figure out that they sent their daughter away."

"You didn't indeed." Anthony's smooth voice came again.

"I'm really really sorry, Sir. I didn't know that they would be smart enough to send Princess Jessica away to hide. I have clearly underestimated them, and for that I am deeply and sincerely apologetic."

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