Pepper Soup and Chocolate fries to say Amen - Part 2

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Richard was holding Rahmat's hand. There was a curtain covering Rahmat's lower half so she couldn't see and he couldn't see anything either.

He laced his glove covered fingers with hers.

"I love you. I love you so much. " Richard said kissing her hand, "You are so brave"

She laughed.  Chuckled.

"She's going to be one of those kids that has like 50 names" she said

"Yeah... like every other yoruba baby"

"What are all your names again?" She asked

"Richard Olushola Ayoola Abayomrunkoje Johns. " Rahmat chuckled, "I have more..." Richard said,  "I just don't want to bore you"

"Oh... Reine... I love that name" Rahmat said

"Yes... I'm glad we picked that one...  she's going to be so beautiful. Like you. She'll probably have your crazy mop of hair..."

Rahmat chuckled.

"Okay... seems like we'll be seeing your daughter pretty soon..." the doctor drawled out

"Can you believe it?" Richard said chuckling

It seemed as if the doctors had been operating on Rahmat for hours. Richard was sure it hadn't been that long but he felt that way. He wanted to see his child, he was excited.

A few minutes later, at exactly 11:53pm, there was a loud cry and Rahmat chuckled, "Reine"

"Daddy do you want to come and cut the cord?"

"Go. Go" Rahmat said. 
Richard went to the doctor, got the scissors from the nurse beside him. He cut the cord.

"Congratulations. It's a girl"

The nurse cleaned her up and wrapped her up.  She handed the baby to Richard and He cradled her, smiling as she stopped crying.
"She's beautiful, Ace" Richard said walking towards Rahmat, "look at her"

Rahmat chuckled. "She's pink" Richard placed the baby on her chest. Rahmat heaved a sigh of relief, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Ace... Ace...Baby, why are you crying?"

"I'm relieved. She's here. She didn't die" Rahmat sobbed, kissing her forehead.

Suddenly, her breathing became erratic and machines were beeping out of control.

"What's happening? Baby... Baby"

"Get him out of here. The baby too..." the doctor yelled, "we're putting her under general anaesthesia... more pads please... hey... get that man out of here!!!"

Richard was escorted out of the OR pretty quickly.
He didn't even realise that he was shaking. He slid down the wall of the hospital in tears.
His chest was heaving so much any one who saw him would have guessed that he was having a panic attack. Maybe he was having a panic attack.
He didn't want Rahmat to die.

He didn't even realise he was muttering aloud.

He flinched when he felt someone touch his shoulder.

"Can I help you sir?" The nurse asked.

Richard wiped his eyes with his wrists.

"Oh, sorry" he said standing up. "Oh... my baby, I don't know where they took her"

"New born?" She asked

"Yes. Yes." He wiped his hands on his trousers.

"Congratulations.  Well your baby is probably not far from here. If they took him...her?"

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