Peppersoup and Chocolate fries to say Amen - Part 3

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Sheila put her phone down on the bed side table.

"Richard says he's been trying to read you... Rahmat us out of surgery. Both she and the baby are doing okay."

"Okay" Mark sighed, "That's good"

"Oh my god is tomorrow! " Sugar heroes in annoyance.  She had been in labour for an hour. It was past midnight.
The doctor told her it wasn't uncommon.  People could be in labour for up to 20 hours. The baby a would decide when it wanted to come out. But sugar wasn't having any of that. She was impatient. She hadn't been given the epidural yet. Mark didn't understand why.

He kind of regretted not pushing for Sugar to give birth outside Nigeria. Why had he decided to be such an advocate of the nigerian health care system, he didn't know.

It was another hour before Sugar ws given the epidural.

Rahmat woke up a few hours later, she wa groggy and couldn't remember much. Which the doctor said was only temporary, caused by the anesthesia.
She went in and out of consciousness for the first hour, which was something the doctor had told him to expect. She kept asking him the same questions over and over when she came to.

"Yarima... Where's Reine?" She would ask

"She's fine, you did so good Ace. So good"

"What happened?"
Richard would go ahead to explain how she had to be taken into surgery after Reina was born. Rahmat would nod and smile. Then she would slip out of consciousness. Come to a few minutes later and ask Richard the same questions all over again.

When she was finally fully awake. She coughed.
Then muttered a loud  "ow" holding her abdomen.

"Sorry" Richard cooed holding her hand. "Are you okay?"

"Somewhat..." she trailed off, "where's Reine?"

"Your mother took her. She was crying and I didn't want her to wake you" Richard replied

"What time is it?" Rahmat asked

"Almost four am"

"You're awake..."

"Yeh... I slept for an hour or so"

"What are those? "  Rahmat asked gesturing to the papers beside him.

"Forms... For the baby... birth certificate stuff..." he said handing one of the slips to her

Name: Reine Jamilah Johns

Sex: Female

Weight: 3.5kg

Father: Richard Olushola Johns

Mother: Rahmat Ali Johns

" I thought we agreed we were using Oladunni as her middle name" Rahmat said handing the slip back to Richard.

"We didn't decide, you just agreed because it's what my mother wanted. I like what Jamilah means better"

Rahmat sucked her teeth making a 'tsk' sound in the process.

"You mother just wanted something in her name to show that she's yoruba, I understood her point"

"It's Jamilah" Richard said reaching to kiss her on the lips, "It's staying Jamilah. Mummy can call her Dunni if she wants"

"You're looking for trouble..."

"Thank you so much..."Richard said punctuating his statement with kiss to her lips

"For what? " Rahmat giggled

"For not dying..." Richard finished, his brows furrowing. He remembered something.

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