Apple Slices

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Mark had decided that he hated this doctor all on his own.

Who the hell flirted with two women at the same time?  Mark wondered.
This guy did,  apparently.

Mark sighed as he leaned back in the chair he was sitting in as he waited for the doctor to be done with Sugar.

Sugar was currently practicising walking in the new prosthetic, whilst holding onto the handle bars whose supports were fixed into a base in the ground.

"How does that feel" The doctor said guiding her.

"Fine." Sugar said simply.

"Do not lie to me. Your going to have go wear this for the next three years." he said to her smiling.

Sugar chuckled. "It's fine. Just the squeaky sound annoys me." she said.

"That's not a problem at all. I can fix that. And you know you should have two of these. So that if something happens to one you're not left stranded like today." The doctor said.

"No problem. We'll take two" Sheila said.

Mark rolled his eyes. He didn't mind that Sheila wanted to get two prosthetic legs for Sugar, he just hate that this doctor had such a perfect face and perfect teeth that women could not seem to think of anything else than his stupid,  stupid face.

"...multiple surgeries?" Mark's ears perked up when he heard the doctor say those words.

Sugar nodded, "Three"

He nodded, "I have to customize your leg. But... " he said as he sat in his swivel chair, his blue scrubs ruffling in the process. " I'll give you a temporary one. You'll come back on..." he trailed off looking at the laptop on his desk "Thursday, 2 o'clock, okay?"
He smiled again and Mark felt the sudden urge to punch him in the face.

Right in the middle of that stupid smile.

"Okay" Sugar said nodding

The man then went on to fit sugar for a new prosthetic again. This time a temporary one.
He led Sheila out to discuss payment with the accounts department when he was done and came back later offering to walk them go their car.

"I'm not sure about Thursday though. Maybe Tejiri or Mark can take you, if that's okay?" Sheila said.

"Sure no problem" You've done a lot for me already.

"Well I had to. Since it's Mark's fault. But I confess, I didn't know prostheses cost so much. I mean 1.5million?"

"If you want the best you have to be ready to spend it. It's also best so that you minimize the pain and discomfort. Also usability is very high for these types of prostheses. So you can do almost anything in them" the doctor said.
"There's a door here. Still leads to the car park but not through the main wing" he said and they descended a flight of steps.

The got out into the car park and this doctor was still following them. Mark had a problem with that. A big problem.

"Well, this is our car." Sheila said pointing to the black Mercedes jeep they had come with.
Sugar thought the car looked like a box, but she wouldn't say anything about it.
"Thanks for taking us on short notice" Sheila said as she got in the car. He helped Sugar up and shut the door as sugar wound the glass down.

"Of course. Anytime" He said smiling.

Mark wanted to punch his face again.

"See you Thursday" he said winking.

Sugar was taken aback, Mark could see that but she smiled and waved at him in response as the car drove off, leaving him standing in the carpark with his hands in the pocket of his trousers.

Mark hated him. Smiling like life was fucking apple slices and banana caramel crunch.
Like girls would automatically fawn over him because he could wink and fix their leg.

His phone buzzed interrupting his monologue and he reached for it in his pocket.

"Hello" he said into the phone.

"Mark..." Richard's voice sounded sad. .. Dejected

"What's wrong?" Mark asked sitting up straighter.

"I fucked up" Richard said groaning. "I totally fucked up. I'm such an idiot Mark"

"Of course you are. Now slow down and tell me why you think you fucked up."

"I fucked up. And then we went to counseling because we had to. Then I fucked up again and now... I'm coming to Lagos Mark"

"What??" Mark yelled, "Did Rahmat kick you out?"

Richard's voice stilled on the other end of the line. Mark knew he was crying.
Richard was as stupid and as emotional as it gets when it came to Rahmat. Mark guessed that was what love did to a man's brain.

"Richard...  Calm down. What happened? Why are you coming to Lagos?" Mark tried again

"Well we were going to therapy. And it was going well.  And I thought it was going well. I mean...  She was finally talking to me. And then yesterday the therapist asks her what she thought she needed for this marriage to work and she said she needed me to leave. Like leave the house. Move out...  " Richard trailed off.  He was crying again.

"Richard calm down." Mark said, "Where are you right now?"

"In the bathroom..." Richard said, "Is my marriage over, Mark? "

Mark didn't know what to say.  "Richard...  I can't.... When are you coming?"


"Richard...  Get out of there. Go and eat. And fucking shave you hairy bastard. Then come to Lagos tomorrow and we'll talk. But you're not staying here forever Richard. You're Richard and Rahmat okay? You're fucking relationship goals."

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