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It all good you're in the right place. I need to say a few things before you go on with this chapter.

1. Thanks for the love. We're almost at 500 reads and this book isn't even complete yet💃💃
And I see y'all commenting too.  Thank you.

2. My results are out finally and I can safely say I have one more semester before I'm done with this uni thing. 😭😭💃💃💃
Your girl is going to be a graduate in a matter of months.🤣🤣🤣

3. I want you to know as much as I'm loving writing this book. I am going to school and working at the same time. But I will try to update as frequently as I can.

Much love 😍😍


"What are you doing?" Shelia asked Mark as she got into the room.
"Here your meds before I leave" she said dispensing the tablets into the tiny medicine cup.

Sheila was going to pick Rahmat up from the airport and Mark didn't know how he had managed to keep everything from Richard but he did. And Richard would be pleasantly surprised when he got out of whatever hole he'd dug himself into today.

The door bell sounded loudly throughout the whole house and Sheila yelled for the maid to check the door.

"Are you expecting someone?" Sheila asked with her brows raised

"Yeah. Sugar" Mark said like it was nothing. What were they? If Sheila asked. Were they dating now? Or did that require a specific number of dates? Mark didn't know.

"Sugar " She repeated. "I see there's something there. "

"There's nothing there Sh..." Mark began. He'd beem hoping to say Sheila buy after Sugar's speech a couple of days before. He found it hard to from the word with his mouth. But he also found it hard to call her mother.
He had tried.

"You're not lying to me Mark. I know you"

"Maybe there's a little tiny, just a really tiny something there..." Mark began

Sheila rolled her eyes playfully, "I hope she gives you a hard time. She's a good girl. "

"I know" Mark concurred whispering as Sugar's footsteps got closer to the kitchen. "Hi" he said once Sugar was in view. "I tried following the instructions you gave as much as I could. Please don't hate me"

Sugar chuckled. Hate him?  Jeez.
Sheila was staring at them in amusement as Mark went to block whatever was on the stove and sugar was struggling to peer over his shoulder. She was maybe 5'7'' but that just meant Mark had maybe 4 inches on her.

"Good morning Sheila" Sugar finally noticing that they were'nt the only ones in the kitchen. Sheila shook her head and continued smiling at them.
"Oh don't mind me. I was just leaving" Sheila said. "Just wanted to make sure that Mister here took his meds and had food. "

"Oh I can do that if you're running late." Sugar offered, "Just tell me which ones"

"They're already here." Sheila gestured to the medicine cup. "He just needs water and food"

"Okay. No problem. " Sugar said.

"I have to go. You know, pick up Rahmat from the airport " Sheila said whispering the last part of the sentence.

"Oh okay. Bye" Sugar said to Sheila

"Thanks and no coconut water or milk until about... "

"...Three hours after, yeah, I know mom" Mark completed. Sheila always said that all the time. And he didn't even realize that he'd called her mom until he saw the wide pair of eyes staring at him.

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