Red velvet cake in vanilla ice cream and toasted coconut mini chips

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"They're back" Rahmat said as she got up from the floor.

Sugar had taken off her leg and laid it by the side.
It did surprise her that Rahmat didn't even flinch when she saw Sugar's stump. It wasn't something that Sugar liked to show people.  However she had bigger things on her mind, like the fact that Mark had stormed out of the house after she had said that she was ten days late.

A part of her hoped she was pregnant,  just to see how Mark would react? Would he want it? Would he want her to get rid of it?
All she knew was that he said he didn't want to pass condition to his children.

Her mind was racing and she felt like crying. Rahmat had sat beside her on the floor for what seemed like hours not saying anything. If not for her constant breathing,  Sugar would not have remembered that someone was sitting beside her.

Rahmat got up to go to the door. Rahmat stared at the leg. Her eyes went in and out of focus. She hadn't even thought of how pregnancy would affect her leg, or how her lack of a leg would affect the pregnancy.

Would her residual limb swell? Would there be pain?

Rahmat came back to sit beside her.

"They brought the pregnancy kit" Sugar looked up at her. The kit wasn't the only thing that she was holding. She was holding two cups too.

"Mark says... that the red velvet is for you because he knows you and this is to help you forgive him for being an idiot."

Sugar smiled as she took the cup from Rahmat.

Red velvet Cake in icecream topped with toasted coconut.

She rolled her eyes playfully,  somehow her happiness at the fact that Mark wasn't adverse to the fact that she was pregnant made her feel like crying.

Rahmat dropped her own cup on the floor and picked up the kit. She read the instructions on the back than opened the packet. There was more than one tester inside.
The instructions were fairly simple. Pee in a cup drop the tester, wait a few minutes, get results.

"You have to pee in this " Rahmat said handing her the tiny test tube like cup.

Sugar sighed. Rahmat handed her crutch to her from the other side of her bed.
She got up quietly and went into the adjoining bathroom.
She did as she was told and brought to half full cup out.

"Are you okay?"Rahmat asked

Sugar nodded. Rahmat dropped the tester into the cup.

"Longest two minutes of my life" Sugar mumured

Rahmat chuckled, "True"

Sugar held her arm and rested her head on her shoulder.
"How did you feel?"

"Scared, excited, but very, very scared" Rahmat replied, "over thinking everything, worried"

"That describes me right now very well, plus oddly oddly emotional"

"Yes... that too" Rahmat said

Sugar sighed.

"Will you be okay ... if you are?" Rahmat asked

"Yes... Eventually"

Rahmat smiled, "Very soon your only worry would be the fact that Mark wants to name your child after 21 Savage, or Tiwa Savage"

They laughed. "That wouldn't surprise me. Not even one bit" Sugar replied."

"Thank you" Sugar said. Rahmat smiled.

"Our boyfriends are two bodies that share a soul, it would help for us to be friends"

"Two bodies that share a soul..." Sugar repeated, "I never thought of it that way, but that is oddly accurate. "

They laughed again.

Rahmat tapped Sugar on the wrist.

"It's time"

Sugar let out a breath through her mouth.

"We're good?" Rahmat asked

Sugar nodded.

"Whatever happens..."

"Whatever happens" Sugar nodded

Rahmat pulled out the tester. She held it by the tip of her fingers. She looked back at Sugar, she was closing her eyes.

"Hey... look, " Rahmat nudged her

Sugar opened her eyes.

Sugar let out a breath through out her mouth again.

Rahmat capped the tester and set it down between them. They were both still looking at it. Sugar hadn't left her hand.

"We're good?" Rahmat asked

"Yes " Sugar smiled, "Good"

Rahmat lifted up her cup, Sugar copied her,
"To pregnant women" Rahmat said

"To pregnant women" Sugar repeated and they clinked their cups together.

Sugar stared at the tester again.

Two lines.

Yes. She was happy. Very happy.

Two hours later Mark was happily telling everyone over and over again.

"I didn't know my sperm worked!!"

"Fuck you Mark! Shut up already!!" Richard countered.


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