A little Whipped cream

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Rahmat was like nothing Sugar had ever imagined. Sugar knew Rahmat was Hausa, so she'd expected her to be reserved, and quiet and a bit too over pretentious like the Hausa girls she'd met before.
But surprise hit her like cold air. Rahmat was very stylish. She wore a beige coloured crop top with flared out sleeves and a bow by the side and high wasted denim jeans. Her hair was parted straight down the middle and it fell evenly on both sides of her face.
When she raised her hand to move her hair away from her face, Sugar couldn't help but notice the enormous rock on her ring finger.

It was worth admiring.

Rahmat noticed her staring and smiled. Sugar hadn't said two words to her since she got in. She couldn't.

The type of gracefulness with which Rahmat carried herself was to be envied, and to think that Rahmat was a year younger than her. Frankly she was a little bit jealous. She was afraid that Rahmat would turn out to be a bit of a snob, so she kept her distance. Rahmat conversed with Mark and Sheila while Sugar removed herself from the situation and  stood sideways.

It hadn't been ten minutes since she arrived and Richard was still cooped up in his room.

"Where's Richard?" she finally asked when they were done with their questions. Mostly Mark's.

"In the guest room" Mark replied. "I'll show you." he said as he led her past the kitchen and towards the staircase.
Sugar recognised the room as the place she'd stayed when her leg had been broken. Richard was staying there now.

Mark knocked on the door. Twice.
A loud groan came from behind the door. Followed by what Sugar thought was an angry Richard's voice.
"What?! "

"Open the door, this idiot! " Mark yelled back.

They heard shuffling behind the door and they knew he was coming to open it. But he was grumbling too.
"After turning on cold water on me. Really? What do you want again"

"You soaked me in cold water too. Open the door!" Mark yelled back.

"Who are you yelling at? Fuck-- " the words died in his throat as the door clicked open and he saw Rahmat beside Mark.

He shut the door with a loud bang.
Rahmat chuckled.
She wasn't at all bothered by the fact that he'd just slammed the door in her  face. Instead she walked forward and tapped on the door.
"Yarima" She said
Sugar didn't understand what she said. She it might have been Hausa but Sugar wouldn't know that.

Richard opened the door almost immediately.
"Yarima" she said again this time Richard pulled her into a hug. A very long hug. Sugar thought he was crying. But if he was she wouldn't know because he buried his face in the crook of her neck and Rahmat's hand held the back of his neck.

"Nayi hakuri dole ne kuka sha wahala sosai saboda ni" Rahmat said.
It sounded like a hum. Like she was singing and speaking.

Richard understood what she said. Because he lifted up his face and shook his head from side to side. "No. No don't say that" he said as buried his face in the crook of her neck again.

"Na rasa so na sosai" Rahmat said quietly.

Sugar took a step back and walked back out into the living area headed for the kitchen. She didn't feel like she deserved to be watching that. She felt like it was a private moment. She was going to continue her work on the desserts. Mark had said that Rahmat loved dessert.

I hope she likes the brownies. Sugar thought

I wonder if she likes her desserts sickeningly sweet or moderately sweet? Sugar thought. Maybe moderatly. She looks like someone that spends time taking care of her body. She might not want to eat all that sugar. Maybe I should make cupcakes. She might like cupcakes better.

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