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Sugar held onto her doctor's hand as he asked her for like the thousandth time "Are you okay?"

Sugar nodded.

"Any pain?" He asked again.


"Sugar I'm a doctor. Don't lie" Tijuana said as his right hand slipped into her waist, "Heel to toe. Heel to toe" he said as he guided her.

Mark coughed an awkward cough from the side of the room he was seated. Turning around on the swivel chair. Sugar glanced at him for a brief second but Toju paid him no mind.

She got the end of the bar.

"Okay, let's turn around. And you try and walk back" Toju clapped.

Sugar walked slowly. Really slowly.
It was frustrating. She didn't know that getting a new prosthetic would be this hard.

"Relax, babe." Toju said, "It's always hard at first." He had noticed sugar's frustration.

"Come on. Sit" Toju pulled out a chair for sugar to sit on. He carefully took off the leg. While Mark only pretended to look at his phone screen but was watching Toju's interaction with Sugar instead.

Mark didn't know why Toju bothered him so much. But Mark knew that he hated Toju. Deeply.
He was a doctor and Mark wouldn't have minded having Toju's face on his body.

"Uggh" He mentally groaned shifting in his chair.

Toju glanced at him again. And mark once again pretended to be looking at the blank screen of his phone.

"How long?" Toju asked

"Eleven years" Sugar replied

"Long time." Toju said and Mark looked up in time to see Sugar nod.
Mark silently wished that Toju would ask her more questions about her leg. He wanted to know. But he knew Sugar wouldn't tell him, she was more likely to tell her doctor.

To his surprise and dismay Toju didn't press any further. Leaving Mark sort of disappointed.

"No residual limb issues?" Toju asked again

"Asides from having to use compression socks and heating pads?" sugar asked

"mmhmnn" Toju hummed.

"No. There's the pain. A little pain"

"Where?" Toju asked

Sugar gestured to the area with her hands and Toju's hands replaced hers immediately massage and soothing the nerves beneath the leg.

"I just thought it was because the leg was really old" Sugar added.

"That might be true but I'd like to scan the limb just to be sure" Toju said.

Sugar remained silent. She was thinking about the cost. The prosthetic leg was one thing, but all these others tests? She didn't think it was fair to let Sheila pay for them. And maybe Mark didn't care, but Sugar did.

"Oesoteosarcoma?" Toju asked

"Do you not have a file on me?" sugar countered

Toju shook his head, "You just arrived here with zero medical history"

Sugar laughed.

"Not even where you had the amputation done. Where did you have it done?" Toju asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" sugar laughed, "If I tell you you'd go on and on about how dangerous it was"

"What? You didn't cut it off yourself did you?" Toju said

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