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What would her life be like if she were rich?

Maybe she'd have long hair, maybe her name would be something regal like Elizabeth.

Elizabeth... pfft.  She almost gagged at the thought.

Or maybe Helen. That seemed like a good enough name.


Maybe she'd be an engineer. Pfft. She hated math.

Maybe she'd still be a cook. A chef. Ahah.  A chef sounded nice. Better.

Chef Helen.

Chef Helen what?

Chef Helen no surname?

Chef Helen.... what was that surname she saw on instagram again? Beecroft? Beerceoft? Bearcroft?  Beatcroft? Goldcroft? Goldcroft? Goldcliff?


Coker? Too common.

Craig? Nope.

Why white surnames though? Adekunle? Kunle?
Adenuga? Asenuga?

Was that even a name?


Chef Helen Asenuga

"Sugar!" The voice that yelled wasn't a friendly one. She knew that voice and she hated that voice. That voice was condescending. It made her feel small.

A slipper flew past her jerking her back into consciousness.

"Jesus!" Sugar yelled

"Satan!" Maamé yelled back. "I'm sure it's not my food you're burning like that"

"Sorry Ma" Sugar called out turning off the cooker.

"Come here sugar" Maamé called again

"I'm sorry, ma" Sugar mumured,  "I'm very sorry" she said as she walked slowly towards her boss.

"Where does your mind go to, Sugar?" She asked

"I'm sorry, ma" Sugar mumured again

"Stop apologising" Maamé said,  "I want to know what you think about"

Sugar bowed her head, "Money"

"Money? Sugar? Money?" Maamé yelled, "Do you need money Sugar?" Sugar didn't reply. "Then work well"

Sugar nodded. "Yes ma" she said locking her fingers together in front of her

"Good. Home delivery" Maamé said pushing  piece of paper towards her.

Sugar slid the sheet off the table and read the order, reciting the addresses multiple times.

4 addresses.

She wouldn't make it back to the shop before closing time. And judging from the size of the order....

Sugar leaned against the counter in exhaustion and slight pain.

Maamé stared at her out of the corner of her eye. After a few seconds she pulled out her card from behind the pouch of her phone and slid it to sugar across the counter.
"Take cab or an uber" Maamé suggested, "You can go home from there"

"Mmh mmh" someone cleared the right throat behind her

Sugar turned round so fast it almost hurt her neck.


Endurance. If you'd like to call her by her given name. But E was too posh to be called Endurance, so she made everyone call her E.

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