Peppersoup and Chocolate fries to say Amen - Part 4

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"Aren't you happy you get to eat?" Mrs Ali asked Rahmat.

"ke uwa ce yanzu. ku ci wannan" her father said as Rahmat got the food flask from him.
(You're a mother now. Eat that)

"It's pepper Soup.  You love peppersoup" her mother repeated

"ba wannan mai zafi bane. It's scalding"
(Not this hot)

"kuna buƙatar fitar da duk abin da wuce haddi na jini daga tsarin ku"
(You need to flush all that blood out of your system)

"Kamar yadda kuka yanke shawarar wanka da ni cikin ruwan zãfi"
(Like you decided to bathe me in boiling water this morning)

" Kowane uwa tana yin hakan ga yaransu. mahaifiyata ta yi min"
(Every mother does that for their child. My mother did it for me.)

"Well, I'm never letting you touch me again" She heard cooing outside of her room
"Is that my baby?" She asked

The door opened. It was her baby. Richard was holding her. But it was also sugar and Mark holding Marley.
"Is that Marley?!!" She said making to stand up from the bed

"No!! No!!  Baby don't get up" Richard said

Her father muttered a warning in Hausa, which Richard shook his head at. As both parents left the room.

"Okay, Marley is so cute. Look at him. He's going to look like Mark. "

"Would that be so bad?" Mark asked at the same time

"Yes" Richard said

"No" Sugar said and  They all burst out laughing.

"Right.., like you're not happy that Reine looks like Rahmat" Mark said

"Ah... you think I can relate with you... no bro. You're on your own. Even if she had looked like me, she would be beautiful. "

"What did your  Father think about Marley middle name?"

"Seno?" Mark asked,  "Sugar is from Akwa ibom. He has no choice. He can call Marley any pet name he wishes though."

Sugar nods,"Does you mother have a problem with Reine's name?"

"Oh she had tons of problems" Richard said sitting in the bed. Mark and Sugar were seated on the only two chairs in the room.
"She said Reine was not girly enough. Reina is better"

Mark laughed,  "Guy can you believe it?!"


"We are fathers,  we have children"

Richard rolled his eyes "Sure'

"Five years ago you would have said, 'fuck you! I'm not having kids'"

They all laughed.

"Look at us, man" Mark laughed, "now all I can think of is baby formula."

They all chucked again.

"Chocolate fries," Sugar yelled looking up from her phone

"What's that?"

"Sylvie and the others from work are coming. They are bringing a boatload of food, plus chocolate fries"

"Oh thank God!" Rahmat said, "Hospital food is the worst"

"Stop speaking, you have peppersoup." Sugar said "Sheila give me pancakes and tea, and eggs.

"Did she make the tea piping hot and expect you to swallow it?"

"Of course"

Rahmat made a tsk sound with her mouth.

"Let's take a picture..." Mark said

"Sure, babies first... IG is going to love this"


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