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Sugar didn't expect that catering an event would drain her of so much energy. She had catered events before, but nothing quite like this one. The lady was right, more that 300 people showed up for her party and of Mark's hadn't come up with the idea to for her to make more than necessary, she would have been embarrassed.

Mark had gotten her branded packages that said "Desserts by Sugar"
She didn't mind the name. Mark had said Richard and Rahmat helped him choose it. Even if Sugar hadn't looked the name she wasn't going to say that.
He paid for 200 of those packages and she would have accepted whatever name he had decided to us because of that.

Mark had put her phone number on the packages and now her phone was ringing nonstop even days after the event.
Orders were coming in too, mostly small ones. Nothing big had come in yet. Not that she was eagerly waiting,  her bones were killing her.

Sugar scooted off the bed he was lying on and towards the edge as her phone  pinged in a notification.

It was a text from her bank  telling her of another transaction notification. A lady she was talking to the previous night had paid money in to Sugar's account to validate her order.
Sugar pulled on her plastic leg.  Deciding against it halfway through putting it on, she reached for the crutch in the corner.

She dialed Mark's number.

"Hey" he said as he picked up

"I need a new phone" She said immediately

"Okay. I thought this was an 'I miss you' phone call.  But okay, what type of phone do you want?" Mark said

Sugar chuckled, "I just saw you like how many hours ago? "

"Still... " Mark trailed off, "So about this phone "

"Oh yeah... " Sugar said taking off her shirt and hopping towards her laundry basket. "you wrote my number on that plastic packaging. Now everyone is calling this phone. I need a new one now"

"Isn't that what we want? More clients" Mark asked

"Sure. But I also need peace and quiet. Like now.  That it's almost 10pm" Sugar said glancing at the time. She almost decided against taking a bath considering the time and the fact that she was tired to her bones.

"I understand. Maybe you should get someone to answer your phone for you. The one you have now could be official. And then you get another for personal use. You could also give them a time.  Like don't call after... Say...  Maybe 7pm issh? " Mark mused

"Yeah" Sugar said absentmindedly as she fiddled with the knob on the wall trying to figure out if there was still hot water left. The light in the whole house went off almost immediately and sugar groaned, "Oh God. No! "

"What is it?" Mark asked her

"NEPA abi PHCN. The light went out " she said, "I can't be bothered with the generator right now"

Mark chuckled, "You kinda have to babe. I'll come and see you tomorrow, probably with the phone "

Sugar nodded absent mindedly again. Feeling for her crutch. Finding it she use the light from her phone to find her large rechargeable lamp.
She remembered Mark was on the phone... Stupid sugar
She groaned again.

"You're not working tomorrow right?" He asked

"I am actually " Sugar replied

"Why?!" Mark asked "Just quit already, you have money. "

"Not nearly enough"

"Still, you'd have time for yourself, make more money... "

"Mark "

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