Part 5

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 Me and Mady sat in the car in silence while heading to the party. I took advantage of the fact that Mady’s mouth was finally shut to think of how I was going to explain what had happened over the summer whilst she’d been gone. 

After going through a whole speech in my head, I took a deep breath and broke the silence.

“Sooooo…I’m guessing you want to ask me some questions right about now?” I asked not taking my eyes off the road.

“Hell, Yeah!! I’ve been gone for a month! I need answers!” She said quickly.

“Okay, Shoot.”

“How do you know those guys?” She snapped.

I sighed and started telling her what had happened over the summer…


(1 month ago)

“Hey there.” said a deep husky voice behind me. I turned around and was faced with a guy who looked my age and had honey blonde hair with streaks of brown in it, grey eyes and a hard well-built body.

“Uhh…Hey.” I said awkwardly, avoiding his gaze and watching people dance instead.

“What’s your name?” He asked,

“Kaycee” I said with a friendly smile.

“Cool. I’m Jay.” He gave me a breath taking smile.

“Oh. Nice to meet you Jay.” I said shyly and he chuckled.

“You too. Hey, you wanna hang out sometime? You seem like a very interesting girl.” He shouted over the loud music.

I laughed “Yes. Very interesting indeed.” I said sarcastically “If I’m so interesting, then tell me; why do I feel so bored?”

“Why did you go to this party then?” He asked while raising his eyebrows.

I sighed “My cousin made me come with her. I was only supposed to stay for a couple of hours or so but then I lost her a few minutes ago so now I don’t have a ride home.”

“Where do you live? I can give you a ride if you want.” He offered

“Really? I live a few blocks away on Manchester Street.” 

“Seriously?” He asked shocked.

“Yeah. Why? Is there a problem?” I asked nervously.

He chuckled “No, none at all. It’s just that I live in that street too.” He grinned

“No way.” I asked with wide eyes “You’re the new neighbors?”

“Yep.” He said popping the ‘p’.

“That’s really convenient then.” I smiled,

“So, I take that as a yes?” He smirked

“Definitely.” I replied.

Jay gave me a ride home and from that night, we hit it off. We became really great friends and I would go and hang out at his house a lot.

Jay had an older brother named Derek. He was a year older than me and Jay and he seemed pretty cool and fun. I would always hang out with him and the guys whenever Jay wasn’t home because he had soccer.

Me, Jay, Derek and the guys all became really good friends in just 2 weeks and we all hung out together a lot.  But then it all went down hill on a summer night at a party at their house…

*2 weeks ago*

(Night of the party)

“Jay? Jay where are you!?” I screamed over the loud music while pushing my way through the crowd.

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