Part 16

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“Eniee….. Meenie….. Minee….. Moo” I chanted as I tried to pick which movie to watch

“Just pick one already!” Mady groaned impatiently.

“I don’t know which one!” I said as I brought the two DVD’s in front of my face and absentmindedly tapping my chin, trying to decide.

“Grab Scream and let’s go” She ordered. I shook my head

“I think we should watch Sorority Row instead” I raised an eyebrow at her “What do you think?”

“I think a movie where a boyfriend kills his girlfriend’s friends is just plain sick. So, no. I’m going with Scream. Much more suspense” She shrugged

I rolled my eyes “And you suppose that a movie where the boyfriend tries to kill his actual girlfriend for fun isn’t sick?”

“We’ve watched Sorority Row like thrice already”

“Scream is an old movie”

“Well, Yeah….but we’ve only watched it for like…what? Two times?” She asked as she put on a thinking expression.

“Actually, make that five times” I smirked

“Oh” She responded, defeated “-but I still don’t want to watch Sorority Row”

I sighed “Fine. Let’s just watch Junior Master Chef instead. How does that sound?”

“Perfect!” She grinned then skipped down the stairs.

“It feels so good to be back! We haven’t had a sleep over in forever!” She shouted as we both plopped ourselves on the couch and switch the TV on to watch Junior Master Chef

We watch for a couple of minutes, admiring all the little kids’ cooking and how it just makes us want to reach out into the screen and grab the food for ourselves. I’ve got to admit. Those kids got talent!

“It’s so depressing to know that eight year olds can practically cook for a five star restaurant while I can’t even succeed in making instant noodles” I laughed at her bothered expression before turning the TV back off and facing her

“C’mon its dinner time already so it’s the perfect time to teach you how to cook” I grabbed her arm and led her to the kitchen

-20 minutes later-

“I seriously don’t know how we managed to ruin this much of the kitchen in only a matter of minutes” I said slowly as I backed away from the stove to examine the damage of the kitchen with wide eyes.

“I know. Not to mention the goo falling from the ceiling” Mady added. I glance up to see what she meant and just my luck, some of the ‘goo’ fell on my face just at that exact moment.

I scrunched my nose in disgust as I grabbed a towel from the counter to wipe my face. I tried glaring at Mady, who was currently doubling over in laughter on the floor looking like food herself. She was covered with flour from head to toe and seeing her rolling on the floor like that kind of reminded me of a stick of candy coated with white sugar.

After a few more seconds, she finally composed herself and tried to dust off some of the flour from her clothes.

As soon as she took one glance at me glaring at her, she laughed hysterically all over again.

“You-look-like-a-grumpy-marshmallow-trying-to-glare-at-me-like-that” She gasped out in-between laughs as she placed a hand on top of the counter for support while using her other hand to clutch her stomach

“Well you look like cand-“ I tried to say but was cut off by the sound of the door bursting open

“Are we in the wrong house?” someone asked doubtfully from the door

Mady and I looked at the intruders at the same time to see Cole, Aaron, Greg and Tyler standing there. Some of their faces were filled with shock, some with amusement and some were just simply looking at us like we were crazy. Which was partly true.

“Uhm Hi?” I greeted unsurely

“Kaycee?” Greg asked me with a face that clearly said ‘why-the-hell-do-you-look-like-that’

“Yes, it’s me Sherlock” I replied sarcastically

“What were you girls trying to do? Blow the place up?” Tyler asked, his eyes glistening with amusement.

“Well, I was trying to teach someone here how to cook, but I guess she had other motives” I answered him while narrowing my eyes at Mady who was looking at me sheepishly.

“It’s not like I knew that the blender would actually blow up if I don’t hold down the lid!” She threw her hands up in the air defensively.

“That’s the last time I’m ever going to teach you how to cook” I muttered as I shook my head disapprovingly

“So, you girls need some help cleaning up?” Aaron offered

“Please?” Mady and I pleaded with puppy dog eyes

“Were on it” Tyler wink which got Mady to put on an irksome expression

“Which reminds me, why are you guys here anyways?” Mady asked while glaring at Tyler who remained oblivious

“Too much tension at the Cooper house” Cole replied simply before walking towards me

“What’s that on your face?” Cole laughed. The other guys joined in the laughter as soon as they saw my face

I wiped my right cheek with my finger before licking it with my tongue “I think it was supposed to be chocolate” I said casually

“Then why is it green?”

“I have no idea”

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