Part 2

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Chavez started walking over to them and I took that as my cue to head off.  I just hope that that guy doesn’t see me or recognize me. I just wanted to get out of here right away. I tried pulling Mady away but she seemed to be drooling over the group of guys Chavez was with. I tried shaking her and shouting at her but she stood still not even once glancing at me. It was like those boys revolved around her and they were something she needed and couldn’t live without. She was majorly boy crazy. So, after deciding I will no longer stand this, I did what I had to do.  

  She flinched as my palm made contact with her cheek. She was confused and shocked at first as she cupped her red cheek. Then she realized what I’d done and her eyes widened.

“What the hell was that for Kayce!?” She squealed

“You were going off to boy dream land again. I did what I had to do.” I shrugged

“Did you have to hit me so hard!? Your hands felt like concrete for crying out loud!” She whined.

“You should be thanking me actually. If I didn’t slap you out of it, you would’ve looked like a freak drooling in the middle of the mall.” I defended which made her sigh in defeat and her cheeks go red in embarrassment.

In this bit there’s a lot of speech and you use a lot of ‘ed’ words (whined, mumbled, chirped etc). I didn’t want to change it because if you like it like that then it’s fine; but as a reader it sometimes gets a bit repetitive – just a hint J

“Thanks” I heard her mumble

“Anytime!” I chirped

“Ugh. But could you not slap so hard next time? That hurt like hell!” She frowned.

“Sorry” I smiled at her sheepishly.

Then she suddenly stiffened; her eyes went wide and I could tell she was going to start drooling all over again so I guess she had returned to staring at the guys. I brought my hands up getting ready to slap her again when her eyes shot up to my hands and she covered her face with both of her hands for a shield.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It won’t happen again! It’s just that I saw that hot blonde dude coming this way and I couldn’t help it!” She cried

“Fine. I’ll let this pass-” Then her words hit me “Wait, you mean the blonde dude with grey eyes, 5’7 feet tall and a well built body?!” I demanded with wide eyes which I could tell got Mady curious.

“Uh, yeah. How’d you know? You’ve got your back to him.” She asked suspicious.

“Long story; I’ll tell you when we get out of here. Let’s go” I asked reaching out to grab her hand hoping to make a run for it.

“No, I think I’ll stay.” She said slowly, looking hypnotized as she stared at the guy behind me.

“No. Mady. We have to go. Now.” I said while glaring at her.

“Too late.” She looked at me with a smirk on her face “He’s already right behind you.”

I closed my eyes praying that she was just kidding around as I slowly turned around preparing for the worst as I carefully opened my eyes. I saw a tall, well built guy standing in front of me so close that my face was 8-inches away from making complete contact with his hard chest. I slowly lifted my face to look at his face and my eyes widened with shock at the familiar blond sandy hair, those grey eyes twinkling in amusement and the oh-too-familiar smirk playing on his face.

“Hey Kaycee.” He said as I bit my lip and glanced at Mady. Her expression was filled with shock, probably because he came here to talk to me and not her and also with confusion as to how he knew my name.

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