Part 17

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[Mady's POV]

"Gosh, this is hard work" I groaned as I wiped some flour off my fore head

"Tell me 'bout it" I turned around and scowled as I saw Tyler right behind me. Wait, where are the others?

"Where are the others?" I voiced out

"They left 5 minutes ago" He shrugged "-they thought that since you caused the mess, you should at least clean most of it"

It took a lot for me to stay where I was and not go out the door right now and demand they help me clean this up. I know it was mostly my fault, but seriously? I could never clean this entire mess up on time. FML

Instead of doing just that though, I shook it off and turned around to continue cleaning but froze when I remembered something, "Then why are you still here?" I asked Tyler  

He stopped wiping the tables to look at me and smile "I may seem like a player to you, but I'm no jerk"

"Oh" Was my lame response

"You don't like me very much do you?" He chuckled lightly

I sighed "It's not that I don't like you, I mean you're pretty cool-"

"but...?" He asked, cutting me off

"Actually, I don't really know why I don't like you so much" I admitted

"Then why do you always act as if you hate me?"

"I don't hate you"

"Then what? What am I to you Madison?" He started to walk towards me and I had to gulp down the lump that was forming in my throat.

"I....I-I'm not sure" I stuttered as I kept my gaze on the floor. He started walking closer to me . I don't know why, but I just couldn't bring myself to move away or tell him to stop.

"Look at me Madison" He whispered softly as he used his right finger to push my chin up so that I was looking directly at him.

He started leaning in, slowly closing all the space between us, until.....


"What was that?" I asked as we both quickly pulled away to survey the kitchen

"I don't kn-"


"OMG. What if it was a gunshot?" I bit my lip and grabbed the mop for protection

"I don't think so. Why would someone shoot us?" I nodded and quickly relaxed. He did have a point


The pop was louder than all the others and because of my instincts, I spun around too fast and accidentally hit Tyler square on the face with a mop.

"I am so sorry!" I gasped

He sighed and wiped his face with the nearest towel he found "its fine"

"UGH. What the hell is that sound" I said in an irksome tone

Tyler chuckled from behind me and I quickly turned around to glare at him "What's so funny?"

"This" He laughed some more as he pulled out some popcorn from the micro wave

"OMG" We both laughed

"That was stupid" he shook his head as his body vibrated in silent laughter

"Very" I agreed and took one look over at the kitchen "Whoah. We finished cleaning fast"

"Yeah. We should join the others" I nodded and we both walked towards the door.

"What do you think they've been up to since we were gone?" He asked

"I don't kno-" I was cut off when the door flew open and there in the living room along with Kaycee and the guys, were Jay and Derek.

 ......Were we gone that long?

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