Part 14

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“So....?”  He tried asking again.

“Huh?” I asked back, trying to delay time as I struggled to come up with an answer that didn’t involve me lying and hurting him at the same time.

“You kissed him, didn’t you?” He asked all of a sudden with a frown on his face. I stiffened, taken aback by the harsh tone in his voice. It took me a couple of seconds to compose myself. I had no choice. I couldn’t lie to him. I had to tell him. No matter how much I know it could hurt him.

I didn’t trust my voice enough at the moment to speak for me so instead, I gave a weak nod.

His face immediately flashed different emotions at the same time. But the hurt was the clearest of them all.

I could see his attempt in trying to cover up his feelings by putting on a fake understanding smile, but it wasn’t enough. It was just too...forced. I knew he’d never really understand. He’d never understand why his brother could go after the girl he really likes. He’d never understand why I had rejected him. Why I had allowed his brother to kiss me. And most of all....Why I couldn’t just learn to give him one chance.

“My own brother” He said slowly while shaking his head and giving a humourless laugh as if he couldn’t even have considered the possibility until now.

I opened my mouth to say something but quickly closed it again knowing that now was not the time to try to get him to understand. What else was there to say? ‘Hey Jay, I’m sorry, but I’m dating your brother now’? No. I couldn’t even say those words in my head without thinking about how harsh it sounds. I’d have to find a way for him to get over me before I could even start dating Derek or anyone precisely.


The rest of the day seemed to go on forever. I also had Jay in my history class and sadly, Mady wasn’t in this class to pull me away from my thoughts. I kept shifting around in my seat, unable to hide the uneasiness I felt and the need to get away. I don’t think I could stay this near Jay for awhile knowing how much I’ve hurt him. Gosh, I feel like such a jerk right now.

I spent almost most of my time in class just glaring at the clock, begging for it to go faster

“C’mon. Go faster. Please go faster. C’monnnn” I groaned impatiently as the bell finally rang signalling the start of lunch. I sighed in relief and immediately gathered all my stuff before I literally ran outside the classroom and made my way to the cafeteria.

I chose the regular selection of food I usually got before I sat at my usual table.

“You know, I was hoping we would’ve walked to the cafeteria together, but as soon as I got to your classroom, I saw you run out so fast that I didn’t bother calling you” She said as she plopped some baby carrots into her mouth “Care to explain why you were so excited to leave History class?” She said as soon as she swallowed the rest of her food.

“Uh...I was hungry?” I said, more of a question than a statement. I knew she didn’t believe me from the look on her face, but didn’t push the subject further. I sighed in relief, thankful for such an awesome best friend.

“Hello Ladies” Tyler greeted smoothly as soon as he sat down at our table, followed by Greg, Aaron, Cole and Chavez. 

“Hey Guys” I gave all of them a friendly smile and they all greeted me back

“Hey Greg, Aaron, Cole and Chavez” She greeted with just as much friendliness. I knew she left Tyler out on purpose and I took a glance at Tyler to see that he had a slightly hurt expression on his face.

I nudged Mady with my elbow “Ow!” She yelped as she mildly jumped from her seat “What was that for?” She hissed

I nodded my head at Tyler while giving her my ‘you-know-what-I-mean’ look

She groaned. “Fine” She muttered, low enough for only me to hear

“Hey Tyler” She greeted suddenly, an obvious fake smile on her face

“Hey” He smiled genuinely. Not his usual trademark smirk. But an actual smile! Wow.

“So, How’s it going?” Chavez asked beside me. We haven’t really hanged out or talked much in a long time so I just hoped that things wouldn’t get awkward.

I shrugged “Not much. Same old. Same old” I replied casually as I munched on some fries from his plate

“You know, If you wanted my food so much, you could’ve just asked and I’d be happy to get you some” He chuckled

I blushed in embarrassment and had to look away from him so he wouldn’t see my face heating up.

“Sorry” I apologized with a sheepish smile as soon as my face cooled down

“No prob” He smiled at me. As soon as I saw his smile, I was instantly reminded of the first time I saw it and how it made me weak on my knees. Now, it didn’t affect me as much. I think that the farthest I could ever go with him now was as friends. He had a really fun and funny personality whenever he was around me so I guess that could work.

We continued to chat some more until I glanced back at the people at our table and saw that we were two people short.

When I realized that Jay and Derek weren’t here yet, I instantly got curious

“Where are Jay and Derek?” I whispered to Chavez.

As soon as I asked the question, his eyes roamed our table as if he also didn’t realize they weren’t here until now.

“I don’t know. I had English with Derek before Lunch and he told me to go ahead because he had to go and talk to his brother” He shrugged. My stomach dropped at the mention of Jay, but I forced myself not to think about it.

I was about to start up another conversation with some of my other friends from school to clear away my thoughts when a girl who I recognized from my biology class came up to me, breathing hard as if she ran all the way from the other side of the school to bring me some important news.

“Kaycee-“ She panted “” Before I could respond or ask any questions, she turned around and walked  to the exit of the cafeteria. I had no choice but to abandon my lunch and follow her.

When we finally reached the place she led me too, I was surprised to see that a crowd had already formed in the middle of the hall where people were chanting names and cheering.

When I was finally able to push some people aside for me to see what the commotion was about, my eyes went wide and I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped my lips.

There, in the middle of the crowd, was Derek and Jay.

Jay had Derek pressed up on top of the lockers, his fist was drawed back, ready to strike a punch at his brother.


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