Part 15 [ll]

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Part 2 of Chapter 15 

[Kaycee’s POV]

“STOP!DONT!” I screamed at them once I’ve snapped out of my shocked state. I saw Jay trying to strike another punch at his brother when I held back his arm to try and make him stop.

Instead, he pushed me away and my back hit the lockers. Hard.

My head hurt so bad that I had no choice but to fall into unconsciousness.

[Jay’s POV]

As soon as I saw Kaycee unconscious, I knew I would never forgive myself for doing that to her. Even if I knew it was a complete accident.

“OMG! What the hell happened!?” Madison screamed as she emerged from the crowd.

“Jay! How did this happened?” She asked, this time directing it to me.

“It was an accident! I didn’t see her! I didn’t know!” I defended even thought I felt like I should get beaten up for hurting her.

“Help me bring her to the clinic” She instructed. I went beside Kaycee and gently picked her up bridal-style.

“You didn’t mean to hurt her right?” Madison asked nervously as we walked through the halls. The concern for her friend was very obvious on her face.

I nodded “I could never hurt her”

“I know you won’t” She told me with a genuine smile

[Kaycee’s POV]

I felt something cold being placed on the back of my head which brought me back to consciousness. I didn’t want to open my eyes just yet, knowing that Mady would probably be there to attack me with questions.

“How is she?” I heard a worried voice ask

“She’s still unconscious. I placed an ice pack behind her head and made sure there was no serious damage done. She’ll surely wake up in a few minutes” I heard the nurse say “If you’ll excuse me, there are other students I have to attend to”

“This is all my fault” I heard the same person say as the door closed. I then realized that it was Jay from the sound of his voice.

“No, it’s not. Stop blaming yourself. It was an accident Jay” Madison said emphasizing the word ‘accident’

“I hit her. How was that not my fault?” He asked through gritted teeth

“You didn’t mean to hit her. Which proves that it wasn’t your fault” She argued

“God I hope she doesn’t hate me” He said which caused Mady to laugh

“What?” Jay asked, clearly confused.

“If you knew Kaycee for as long as I have, you’d find out that she can never hate anyone. No matter what you do to her” She said between laughs.

“Maybe I should just give up on her” He said, sounding doubtful “She’s such an amazing girl. Every guy in this school wants her. It’s just my first day here yet I already figured that out. She deserves better than me”

“You’re really stupid you know that?” Madison said and I could already imagine her rolling her eyes

“If you’re just gonna give up on her, then maybe you really don’t deserve her” She continued “If you really like her, you’d fight for her”

“But I can’t go against my own brother for a girl” He pointed out

“So what? Derek can find another girl. You really like her Jay. I knew it from the way you’d always stare at her as if she was the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met”

“She is” He whispered which I doubt Mady heard since she continued talking

“You’re a great guy Jay. I will certainly approve of my best friend dating a guy like you” Even thought my eyes were shut, I could still sense the smile in her voice.

“She’s already going out with my brother. Heck they even kissed” He said the last part with a humorless laugh

“She did?” I heard Mady gasp. Oh right, I haven’t told her yet.

“Yeah. At the night of the party”

“She so has a lot of explaining to do” Great. I thought sarcastically

“Maybe I should start dating someone else to get over her” He said slowly

I heard Mady sigh “Maybe you should. But just give her time Jay, she’ll come around sooner or later. She has to be stupid not to give you a chance” Did they forget I was in the same room as them?

“Maybe...” He mumbled to himself “I have to get to class, do you think you could stay to watch her for awhile?”

“Sure. I need to make sure my best friend is alright”

“Thanks Madison” He said sincerely

“Sure” She replied before I heard the closing of a door

“Cut the act Kaycee, I know you’re awake” She said as I felt her sit on my bed

“How’d you know?” I asked while opening my right eye

“I’m psychic” She smirked. Right….



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