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Part 10

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[Kaycee’s POV]

I watched the guys jaws drop as I exited the car. I guess Mady did a better job than I thought.

“Hey Guys.” I greeted innocently as I approached them.

“Uhhh.” Chavez replied mindlessly as he continued to stare at me. I tried my best to stifle a laugh.

Mady nudged him with her elbow making me snort as he yelped with pain.

“You look really pretty with that outfit.” Jay said from behind me making me shudder as I realized how close he was when I turned around to face him.

“Thanks.” I replied trying to keep my voice cool and steady despite the feeling of his breath touching my bare neck.

“So, want to head to the party now?” He asked, kicking some sand on the ground while avoiding eye contact.

“Sure.” I replied with a genuine smile “Let’s grab Mady and Chavez and get outta here.”

“Eh, that’s gonna be a problem seeing that they’ve already left.” He said while pointing to two figures a few feet away from us heading to the party.

I sighed, “Whatever. Let’s just go.” I said as I grabbed his arm and led him to the bonfire where the center of the party was.


“You Sander’s really are impatient.” I said disapprovingly as I sat down next to Mady with Chavez on her right and Jay on my left a few feet away from both of us so that they wouldn’t hear what we were talking about.

“I thought you guys could use the alone time.” Mady replied, faking innocence. I rolled my eyes.

 “Talking about alone time, I could use some with that guy over there.” She said with an evil glint in her eyes while nodding her head towards Aaron who was a in front of us on the other side of the bon fire talking to Greg.

I groaned “Not him. Trust me. He’s a major A list player.”

“Oh right. I forgot you got to spend your summer hanging out with some hot dudes while I got stuck touring some old boring museum.” She pouted “I knew I should’ve stayed behind.” She muttered under her breath.

I laughed. “If you only knew how they really are when they get comfortable.” I replied shaking my head while recalling all the goofy things they did over the summer.

“So, what are you girls up to?” Said a voice behind us. Me and Mady snapped our heads behind us at the same time.

“Hey Derek.” I greeted with a friendly smile.

[ Derek’s POV ]

“So, you think we could ditch this party and head somewhere else?” Some blonde bimbo asked while twirling her hair with her finger. Jeez, Could a guy just attend a party without some slut trying to get into his pants?

“Uh, No thanks.” I replied trying to make the annoyance in my voice clear.

“Aw C’mon.” She pouted which just made her look like a fish out of water “Don’t you want to have some fun?” She asked trying to sound seductive, which failed.

From you? Not in a million years, I thought. But that would make me sound like a total ass so I just replied, “See that guy over there?” I pointed to a random dude who looked like he wanted some.

She nodded her head like a bubble head. “I heard he’s really into you.” I lied. Most guys tried to stay away from her. A lot of people claimed she has STD’s from all the guys she did.

Her face lit up and without another word, she strutted towards him. Thank God, I thought.

“Dude.” Cole nudged me which made me spill my drink.

“What?” I replied, pissed that I got some beer on my shirt.

He looked down “Oh sorry man.”

“Yeah, it’s cool. So, what?”

“What?” He asked forgetting what he came here for.

“What are you here for?” I asked.

“Oh. Uhm, I just thought you’d want to know that Kaycee’s already here.”

“Really?” I snapped sounding too excited.

He chuckled. “I always knew you liked her.”

“No, I don’t” I defended.

He rolled his eyes obviously unconvinced, so I added;

“And even if I did, Jay called dibbs on her already.” I took a sip of what was left of my drink.

“Tell me ‘bout it. If I just saw her sooner, I would’ve called dibbs a long time ago.” He joked,

“Same here” I replied in monotone “So, where is she?”

He gave me a knowing smile “Right there.” He pointed behind the bonfire. But because of the size of the fire, I could only see Madison since the flame was blocking Kaycee. “Just a warning dude, She looks pretty hot tonight.” He smirked.

“Kay, See ya man.” I waved at Cole as I passed some people trying to reach them. I thought I’d surprise them so I tried approaching them from behind.

“So, what are you girls up to?” I asked.

“Hey Derek.” Kaycee greeted with one of her angelic smiles as she turned her head to face me. I gulped. Oh wow. She did look pretty hot tonight.

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