Part 9

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[Kaycee's POV]

What can you do at the mall in only an hour?                A lot.

Want to know what I got to do with my 1 hour shopping spree at the mall?            Not much.

Want to know what Madison could do with her 1 hour of shopping spree at the mall?   Well, more than I even considered until today.

  By the time Mady finished her eighth shopping bag for the day, I was nearly ready to faint. If holding four shopping bags could make my arms sag, then only God knows how Mady managed to carry twice as much.

“Kayceee, c’monnn. We’re gonna be lateee for the beach party!” Mady whined while dragging each word as I continued to try and catch up from behind her.

“Cant- go-any-further.” I breathed as I collapsed onto the nearest bench and placed my face on my palms, letting go of all the shopping bags.

 “Argg. You’re such a wimp!” Mady groaned as she walked back to me.

My head shot up to face her as I gave her one of my ‘You’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me’ looks.

“Me? A w-wi-wimp?” I slowly stood up as I started breathing heavily “HOW DARE YOU!” I screamed as I pointed a disapproving finger at her.

If there’s one thing in this world I can’t stand, it’s being called a wimp. Well, I also can’t stand being called certain words like a female dog, a liar, a cheater…eh, you get what I mean. But seriously, who actually has the guts to call me a wimp!? Me, Kaycee Wright, a wimp!? There’s just no such thing!

Mady rolled her eyes “Stop over reacting Kayce. Just grab your shopping bags and let’s go.” She demanded.

“Not until you take your words back” I said as I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Seriously Kayce? Seriously?” She asked as she gave me an impatient look.

I continued to glare and tap my foot impatiently as I waited for her to take back her very hurtful and false words.

 It must’ve showed on my face how serious I was about this because she finally let out a breath of defeat after a short staring contest.

“Fine. You’re not a wimp okay? Now, Can we pleaseeee go?” She begged.

“Sure!”  I grinned as I happily made my way in front of her.

“Bi-Polar much?” I heard her mumble from behind me.

“What was that?” I asked as I turned to face her.

“Nothing.” She breathed.

“Alright…….” I said as I slowly turned back around and headed for the front exit of the mall, ignoring her last comment.


“Tell me again how I agreed to let you do this to me?” I asked as she released the blind fold from my face and led me to a mirror.

“You didn’t.” She smirked “I made you.”

“Ughhhh. For the tenth time, I don’t want to go to that stup-.” My words were cut short as I faced the full length mirror in front of me and took in my appearance.

“Wow.” I breathed as I stared at my now, flowing half curled hair and black lacey bikini with a white semi-see-through blouse and denim shorts to go over them.  I was also wearing some beach themed necklaces and knotted braided rope wedges to make me look just a bit taller.

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