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Part 19

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“OW!” Mady hissed in pain as a thorn bush pricked her arm.

“Shhh!” I hissed back at her “Be quiet!” I pushed aside some more bushes to get a clearer view of the inside.

“Seriously Kayce,” Mady whispered beside me. “-do you like Jay?” I tore my gaze from the couple inside the restaurant to give her a look.

“No…” I sighed which sounded like a lie even to my own ears

“Then why the hell are we out here in the cold, wearing some lame outfit those people wear in spy movies, spying on Jay’s date with Carol?” She crossed her arms above her chest while glaring at me, her eyes showing a want for a challenge.

“Because……” I tried to come up with an excuse.


I opened my mouth to reason with her.  But nothing came out.

I felt someone else’s presence somewhere, but decided to ignore it. It was probably just some random couple looking for some dark place to make-out. Or maybe even a cat.

I looked back into the restaurant where Jay and Carol were currently enjoying their date. The whole time, I stared at Jay. I watched him take bites of his food, laugh at a joke he told, excuse himself to go to the bathroom and come back in time for dessert.

The minute he smiled at Carol, something tugged at my heart and the question that’s been hanging around the whole night suddenly shot through my mind. ‘Why did I come here?’

My heart knew what the answer was all along but it was only then that my mind confirmed it.

I felt something for Jay

I may have been feeling it all this time, but it was only now that I got a hold of the feeling.

The way he was smiling for Carol made me feel uneasy. The way he would make her laugh and smile made me feel as if I should be the one in her place. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to have Jay smiling at me. It made me regret ever rejecting him.

“It’s not too late you know” Mady suddenly whispered, cutting me out of my trance.


“You could still get him back….”

I sighed “He was never mine”

“Yeah, but his heart was always yours Kayce” She smiled at me.

I kept my eyes locked on the ground, a pang of guilt suddenly dawning on me.

“I-I….I don’t know”

“Go for it” She nudged me, making me look up to see her encouraging smile.

“Are you sure?” I asked unsurely

“Positive” She grinned

“Alright then” I stood up from my hiding spot, dusted myself off, and got ready to face Jay.

A hand grabbed my shoulders from behind “Not now you dumbass” she laughed “you’ll ruin their date! Have pity on poor Carol”

“Oh, right” I blushed “-But wait” I suddenly realized



She groaned “So much for our plan”

“God. WHY?” I mumbled into my palms

“We’ll find a way” Mady comforted as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I hope so” I muttered “-let’s go. It’s getting cold out here”

“Fine with me” She shrugged


“You know, I didn’t figure you’d go through all the trouble to spy on my brothers’ date” Someone said just as me and Mady reached the pavement of the parking lot. I froze.

I turned around on my heels, and just as I thought, there he was. Derek.

“What are you doing here?” Mady asked, arms crossed above her chest.

“When I saw you and Jay leaving in the same direction at the same time, I knew something was up” He said coolly.

Then there was silence.

“I say we make a run for it” Mady whispered after a short while.

“I heard that” Derek said, a smirk on his face.

“Drat” Mady hissed.

“What do you want Derek?” I sighed after finding the courage to speak up.

“I want the truth” He said simply as his jaw clenched a bit.

“Well, ask something then. Duh” Mady said impatiently. I shot her a look which she returned with a roll of her eyes.

“Why are you here?” He shot

“We were hungry” I replied immediately

“I didn’t see you enter the restaurant”

I made up an excuse as fast as I could “We changed our minds. We want to eat somewhere else”

“Then why are you guys full of scratches and covered with leaves?” He smirked

“We fell into the bushes” I smirked back

His expression gave away that he didn’t believe a thing I just said so I added, “What can I say? We’re clumsy” I shrugged and opened my palm at my back for Mady to high five.

He sighed in defeat and shook his head “Alright”

Hoping that the conversation was left at that, I returned to finding my way back to my car with Mady hot on my heels.

But not before hearing what Derek had to say as he got into his car.

“Just so you know, Lying to me won’t do any good seeing as I’ve heard every single word of your conversation when you were spying on Jays’ date through the bushes” Then he drove off, leaving me feeling like the worst person on earth at that second.


Hey Guys! I know, it's been a month since I've updated and all i have to say is I AM SO SORRY. I know this isnt much, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! :)

Oh and I know its late, but thanks to XLDREAM97 for helping me with this story! Really appreciate it gurl! :) 


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