Part 15

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[Jay’s POV]

“Do it. C’mon.  Punch me already. That’s what you want don’t you?” He spat

My fist was still suspended in the air, refusing to take a strike at his face.  My hand started to tremble and I could feel my jaw get tighter by the second.

“Why?” I asked him. Needing to know his answer before I decide if I should really break his face.

“Why What?” He asked, faking innocence “Why I went after the girl I knew very well you liked?”

I was so close to striking my first punch when he continued “Because it’s always about you Isn’t it? That’s why you’re mad and want to break my face. Ever since we were kids, you always got what you wanted, even if it meant I couldn’t get anything and now that you finally found something you can’t have, you just snapped” He told me as he looked me dead in the eye.

“You think that’s what this is about?” I hissed “A competition on who could get Kaycee?! She’s not something for us to compete for Derek!” I shouted at him, my anger rising.

“I never said she was! Do you think that just because you met her first, you automatically had your claim on her?” He sneered at me

“No. But if you were really my brother, then you wouldn’t go after her knowing how much I liked her” I argued

“Did you ever think that maybe I liked her just as much as you do?” He replied, his face softening.

I started to lower my hand, feeling defeated when a voice spoke up from a crowd that I didn’t even realize had formed during our whole argument.

“STOP! DON’T!” I heard Kaycee scream as she made her way towards us.

I quickly lost my grip on Derek’s shirt as I snapped my head towards her, giving Derek the perfect opportunity to tackle me to the ground.

My back was flat out on the ground and my hands were pinned on top of my head by Derek’s hands.

“I knew you were too much of a wimp to actually hit me” He smirked from above me

That last comment did it and as soon as he let go of my hand and started to get up, I punched his stomach.

“OW!” He groaned as he slammed against the lockers, clutching his stomach.

“You little twerp!” He roared as he charged towards me. I managed to dodge his swing by an inch.

I took my next punch and hit him on the right cheek. Hmm, spending last year’s summer learning boxing was good for something after all. I thought just as he hit my left arm.

I was about to take my next shot when something held back my arm. I immediately shook it off and I heard it hit the lockers with a large ‘bang’.

I looked back to check what I had hit and quickly regretted it as soon as I saw not what but who it was.

Oh crap….. 


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