Part 18

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[Kaycee’s POV]

“Uhm, What’s going on?” Mady asked slowly, breaking the silence

“We’re here because we want to apologize” Jay explained while rubbing the back of his neck. I see it in his eyes that he was silently begging for me to forgive him.

“Yeah, we were jerks. How we acted, we can’t really explain it to you, but were just asking that you don’t hold it against us” Derek said as he stared at me intently

A smile slowly tugged at the edge of my lips “I was never mad at you guys. But I do agree, you were acting like complete jerks. You guys are brothers. You aren’t supposed to be fighting over such stupid things”

“We know” They said in chorus.

There was an awkward silence before we heard a crash coming from the kitchen.

We all ran towards the kitchen, curious as to what else the kitchen had in store for us tonight.

“Mom?” I gasped as I spotted my mom emerging from a pile of mops.

“What the hell happened here?” She asked

“Oh, uhm, sorry ‘bout that Mrs. Wright. Me and Mady forgot to clear up all the cleaning supplies” Tyler apologized, Leaving all his cockiness behind. I think I like this side of Tyler better.

“It’s Okay. Just make sure you kids don’t blow up the house” She replied, dusting herself off before going out the door.

“You have such an awesome mom” Greg commented

“I get that a lot”

“UGHHHHH” Mady and I groaned in chorus as we dumped ourselves on my bed.

“I will never teach you how to cook ever again” I grumbled


“I mean, who knew cooking could literally blow up a kitchen?!”


“It was a good thing Tyler was there to do all the work for you you know”


“Are you guys getting along?”


“Are you even listening to me?”


I turned my head to face her. I knew it.

“Next time, will you at least warn me instead of letting me blabber all to myself?” I asked annoyed as I plucked out her earphones. She didn’t seem to know what was happening. She obviously zoned out.

“What?-Huh?-“ her eyes drifted to my hand holding her earphones “Oh. You were blabbering weren’t you?” she asked sheepishly

“Uh-huh…..” I replied, mimicking her.

“Sorry” she replied with a sheepish shrug

*Knock Knock*

“COME IN!” I yelled

“Uh hey” Jay greeted as his head popped out from the side of the door

“Hey” I smiled

“uhm, I have to go now. I just thought I’d say bye”

“Already? Where are you going?” I sat up from my position to get a better look at him. He seemed to be troubled by something.

“Uh……….I kind of have a date with Carolyn” He replied softly. My stomach dropped. He had a date?

“You mean Carol?” I asked, emotionless. I saw both of them talking at the beach party; I didn’t think it meant anything. I guess I was wrong.



“So yeah…Bye”

“Bye” I whispered

Then he was gone.

“Ouch” Mady said as soon as jay was out of hearing distance

I collapsed back into a laying position and grabbed a pillow to put on top of my head

Mady was right. ‘Ouch’ was the perfect word to describe what I was feeling right now.


I know its been forever since I updated. BUT HERE I AM! :) Exams are almost over! WOOHOO!

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