Chapter 1

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“I can’t deal with this shit man”. I pulled out the blunt that I had rolled an hour ago, put it between my lips and lit it as I entered the park. I was tired of dealing with people screaming back and forth, fighting, my shit going missing, and constantly being mentally abused. I left my house because I didn’t want to deal with my best friend fighting with her boyfriend. I knew he abused her physically but she begged me not to cut his dick off. She loved him. 

I sat down on top of a bench with my feet pressed against the seating area. It was around late 9 o’clock going on 10 and the sun had set. This October night was slightly cold. I buttoned up my letterman jacket over my pull over hoodie and set my snapback over my eyes. Taking another inhale of my haze. It put my mind to ease, exactly how I wanted it. My eyes became low and I just relaxed, taking my mind off of everything at this moment. Of course I would have to go back to my troubling life.

I was surrounded by nothing but the street lights, and the passing cars. As I sat on back rest of the bench and continue to fill my lungs with this pain killer. A group of four boys entered the park. They were all snickering and all looking towards me. Here we go with this shit again. I threw on my hood over my snapback.

“What set you from?” One of the boys said as he approached me. I glared up at them, put my blunt down on the bench, and put my hands in my pockets, holding my pocket knife in my right hand.

“I ain’t got a set homie.” I told them with a slight attitude. They all chuckled a little and just shook their heads. I gripped my pocket knife tighter and slightly raised it so that it was at the edge of my sweat pants pocket. What these niggas want, just trouble.

“What you doing out at this time of night shawty?” Another boy asked. It’s none of their business why I’m out here. They need to keep it moving. I was starting to get nervous, and even though it was a cold October night, I started to sweat. I wasn’t a punk though, and fear is what I lacked but I just left my house to escape trouble, why am I running into to some.

“Chilling.” I simply put it. I knew being a girl and being in the city of Boston late at night was dangerous, especially since it was a Friday night but I knew how to take of myself and I always did. “What ya’ll want?” I asked, nervously.

“A number would be nice.” The boy who asked me what set I was from asked. No way was these bougy ass pathetic niggas getting my number. I picked my my blizz, hopped of the bench, lit my blunt, and pressed it against my lips. “I don’t got one.” I put and walked away. 

One of the boys grabbed me by my arm, “How do you not have a number?” He growled. Really? I pulled out my pocket knife and made it visible.

“I said I don’t fucking have one, leave it as that.” I whispered loudly. They looked at me like I amused them, like I was a fucking joke. Did they not know me? I would cut all of their dicks off and feed it to their families. 

“A fucking pocket knife? What you going to do with that ma? Give me a paper cut?” A boy who I haven’t hear talk yet said while laughing. They thought I was playing. I was getting heated.

“Yo leave shawty alone and no one gets hurt.” I heard a voice from behind the group of boys say. They all turned in the direction of the voice. 

“What you want pretty boy? You wanna tangle?” A boy from the group said. They all started laughing hysterically but they suddenly stopped.

“If that’s what you want to do, than I’m fine wit it.” The boy stated, visibly showing the hammer under his shirt that was tucked into his skinny jeans. They started saying things like, 'keep it easy bro', 'we are on our way home now' and 'alright, no beef homeboy' than they kept it pushing.

They boy approached me slowly. I pulled down my hoodie and pulled out my long black hair out from the hoodie. I lifted my Boston snapback up from my eyes to get a better look at the guy who I guess you can say, saved my ass, even though I could have did it myself. He was light skinned, I could see his freckles from the street light that was gleaming on him, and his full pink lips. He was gorgeous.

“You alright baby girl?” He asked me. His demeanor was so hard and I could tell that he didn’t take bullshit, much like myself. I focused in on his freckles and his lips. I wanted them but I didn't show that I did. I didn’t need more bullshit in my life, let alone another person to worry about. I refused to deal with it.

“I’m straight, thanks but you didn’t have to do that. I had it under control.” I stated confidently. He stared down at me with a smirk and than he chucked.

“Yeah, alright.” He laughed. He sat on the bench and pulled out a blunt. While he sparked it, I just glared at him. I hate when people think I’m a joke. Yeah I might be a girl, only 5’4, and look harmless but never underestimate me. That is where you are wrong. When you grow up how I did, you grow up with a tough mentality, much like myself,

I re-lit my blunt. He looked at me and smirked and inhaled his own. “You should be getting home now, ain’t it past your bedtime?” He said to me. He was pushing it. I just mean mugged him, set my snapback over my eyes. 

Inhaling my own blunt, “No …. bye Freckles.” I walked out towards the exit of the park. 

“What your name babygirl?” He asked before I hit the exit. I thought about it, should I tell him? He did just help me out, even though I reiterated in my mind that I didn’t need him to.

I looked back, “Amarie.” And I exited the park, wondering if I would ever see Freckles again.

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