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Itty Bitty Piggy by lettieirvin
Itty Bitty Piggyby Lettie
Im quiet but social. Never really had a problem making friends. Imma cross between introvert and extrovert. I've been bullied but i've learn to deal with it. Not everybo...
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The Nanny || Tyga Love Story by xxLuckyCharmedxx
The Nanny || Tyga Love Storyby Lucky
Nevaeh Morgan Parker is a 23 year old woman who doesn't live that good lifestyle. She never had a good background and wasn't the type of girl to go out her comfort zone...
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Kidnapped (Tyga,Chris Brown,August Alsina) by Nani_babey
Kidnapped (Tyga,Chris Brown,August...by Nani
Sky and Aaleeyah were two bestfriends that ended up getting kidnapped.What happens throughout the time that they are kidnapped.What secrets do they end up discovering.Fi...
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Player's Change (Tyga Love Story) by Kutie_Pie567
Player's Change (Tyga Love Story)by Que.
Read & you'll find out babes. ♥
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The Bodyguard (Editing) by AbbyTheAmazing
The Bodyguard (Editing)by Abby
when august is promoted into being the new body guard for one of the most notorious drug dealer's daughter in California: lives will be tested, truths will be revealed...
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♡Its Complicated♡BOOK 1 (AUGUST AL...by KINNGS
Interesting!!! This book is really complicated. Literally Read and see for yourself
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Adopted by Chris brown  💙💙💙 by sammyjay05
Adopted by Chris brown 💙💙💙by sammyjay05
Chris loves his new daughter Will jamani get use to him Will jamani have fun with her new life Dose jamani love her siblings Will she open up a little an come out her s...
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When I Saw Him (August Alsina) by august_alsina_lover1
When I Saw Him (August Alsina)by August alsina lover
I don't want nobody but you, kissing on my tattoos. ~ August
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What's Really Hood by jayhunnnna
What's Really Hoodby Jade
|| Chris Brown || Trinity has never been to the hood or even imagined what the hood would be like. That's until her and her father moved out to New York from the luxuri...
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Young Love  by CMBempire
Young Love by CMBempire
After being beaten and sexsually assaulted Imani runs away to L.A., and ends up falling in love but...still has to deal with all the drama.....
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Crushed by CaribbeanBvtch
Crushedby CaribbeanBvtch
Sequel to Crush Where are Deja and Damir now?
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Instagram//N.M. by ashleyirwin1
Instagram//N.M.by Ashley 🤪
Read and find out #156 in Fanfiction 3/21/17 #85 in Random 6/8/17 "Just so you know your book is amazing 😉" - @Trinigirl_tj "This book was amazing"...
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Testimony (August Alsina) by Jazzy102301
Testimony (August Alsina)by Jazzy
"Imma tell da truth and da whole truth, Cuz there ain't no need to lie And I ain't tryna keep it all inside, So I gotta Testify For you and I, I testify I testif...
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Heartless by Nikkiloadeon
Heartlessby Nikkiloadeon
After being hurt multiple times in different relationships, Nicole said enough is enough... She has been heartbroken so many times in the past that she is heartless at t...
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What's Really Hollywood by jayhunnnna
What's Really Hollywoodby Jade
|| Chris Brown || The sequel to What's Really Hood. It's been five years since Michael, China, and Chris left to begin their new luxurious lives in California, leaving...
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The Unknown (A Chris Brown Love Story) COMPLETED by keianasuxx
The Unknown (A Chris Brown Love St...by Killa K.
My first Chris Brown fan fiction I posted on this site lmao, don't judge me please. If you enjoyed this please check out my other works.
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My Boss by luh_liyahxo
My Bossby luh_liyahxo
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Passion Fruit 2  by miagoldii
Passion Fruit 2 by Tamia Symone' Ellis
IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BOOK ONE DONT READ THIS BOOK YET !!! Continue to follow the journey of Royal Mays and her friends as they experience even tougher times. Loosing fait...
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Grind And Pray || August Alsina x Kehlani Parrish by ast0ldbynik
Grind And Pray || August Alsina x...by nik🌹
Rochelle recently moves to New Orleans, LA to get away from the struggle of living with her grandmother, her grandmother has raised her all her life because her mom and...
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The famous footballer Neymar Jr finds Kylie Jenner a star from a well known family on Instagram. Do they fall in love? What will get in there way? Cover by: @totgraphics...
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