Red Rum (nba y.b) by parishendrix
Red Rum (nba y.b)by 🥢.
bitch it's retarrrdeedd
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WRONG || p.j.m. gang!au by imsojinful
WRONG || p.j.m. gang!auby lemi
"It's better when it feels wrong..." - © lemi A Bangtan, BTS, fanfiction Gang!AU. Focuses mainly on Park Jimin. [ lowercase intended ] [ 3/29/16 to 8/21/17 ] ...
  • suga
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HoodRich Princess 👑: Fell in love with the streets💜💉 by bluefacebarbie
HoodRich Princess 👑: Fell in Bluefacebarbie$
Ucari just moved back to her house in Compton and was starting to love her life back in LA. Her father depends on her to hold on to his drug lord legacy and help keep th...
  • urbanfiction
  • urban
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Gangsta: Dumb Doug X Reader by Whimsicalmaiden
Gangsta: Dumb Doug X Readerby 10-K3î
A fair-skinned, freckled face jerk... That's what he is. Or at least he was... Doug... He was really something special. *This is going to be short. At least ten chapters...
  • gangsta
  • doug
  • violence
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Stripped (Nicolas x Reader x Worick) by Katjaface
Stripped (Nicolas x Reader x Katjaface
When everything sounds like you're underwater, how could you not feel like you were drowning?
  • xreader
  • worickxnic
  • lgbt
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Gangsta' Gets Bangtan (BTS FanFic) by Jera2014
Gangsta' Gets Bangtan (BTS FanFic)by GDa
She is a normal girl attending a normal high school in Seoul. Although, corresponding to her insane fashion sense, she caught the nickname Gangsta' Girl. Now people actu...
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Property Of Joker | ✓ by pieceofcupcake
Property Of Joker | ✓by ♕
❝Some people bring out the best in you, others brings out the worst, then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who bring out the most. Of everything. They mak...
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Crazy For You ∆Under Construction∆ by Raelynns_Rhaps0dy
Crazy For You ∆Under Construction∆by ∆Raelynn ∆
_highest ranking in fanfic #892 LMAO_ Ember Les Madaton is a woman seemingly hell bent on walking a path of self destruction. She's got herself into some double XL t...
  • mafia
  • thriller
  • romance
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Nicolas Brown & Worrick Imagines by Gigi_Gems
Nicolas Brown & Worrick Imaginesby Gigi_Gems
Join me in a love binding story about you and one of the sexy hunks in the popular manga/anime Gangsta. It's not just a lemon fanfic or a scenario bit it's an actual sto...
  • anime
  • romance
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My Gangsta ~ ambw jungkook  by Kimnoomiesung
My Gangsta ~ ambw jungkook by sung Kim noomie
part 2 of gangsta , jas and jungkook are finally married, but there are many white lies, skeletons in the closet what is gonna go down now
  • gangsta
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Do Better by theyhatedime
Do Betterby diamond✨🇧🇿
Sequel to Keep it on the Real All Rights Reserved, 2018 © I do not own the rights to any song added in the multimedia.
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Hannef&Marketta by onetrxllnala
Hannef&Markettaby onetrxllnala
This book is related to Elliedria and Jayceon which is no longer on wattpad because they deleted it . So read at your own risk you might be confused on what's going on...
  • haneefandmarketta
  • violence
  • pnbmeen
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Night 《jikook》 by madzia_sweg
Night 《jikook》by madzia_sweg
{{ Funny how you can find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well Park jimin who has allways tried staying out of troube is presently being shoved onto a bri...
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
  • hishschool
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Inamorata 2 : Unexpected  by Mb_misfit_
Inamorata 2 : Unexpected by Taj No Hall 💋🇧🇮
BOOK #2! 5 Years Later...
  • migogang
  • migos
  • drama
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Gangsta's Paradise by suckmyfuckingdicc
Gangsta's Paradiseby suckmyfuckingdicc
He's shit talkin' , drug dealin' , potty mouth, blimey Jahseh. She knows his name, but she really wishes she didn't. WARNING : Sexual content, explicit language, drug...
  • drugs
  • skimask
  • saints
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💫Gun shells & Roses💫 by -QueenDope-
💫Gun shells & Roses💫by ❤Queen❤
"I want to protect you, like I've done in the past since your mother can't seem to do so." "Luca..." Luca Smith a tattoo artist, but a mafian at he...
  • mature
  • gangs
  • newyork
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His Body Language by theDreamzBoat
His Body Languageby theDreamzBoat
Their love is toxic and infectious. Her love for him is strong and on going . But she must escape from his wicked ways .
  • exposed
  • abusiverelationship
  • pain
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Main VS. Delusional ass Side Chicks  by mgng10xwife
Main VS. Delusional ass Side mgng10xwife
  • drama
  • 3three
  • boomer
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My CBF Loves Me As A Woman by jinjincyuteee
My CBF Loves Me As A Womanby Jinwoo Park
CBF... ang mga CBF ko... parang ang dami no? well madami nga sila kasi walo sila eh... pero alam niyo ba ang mga CBF kong yung minamahal na pala ako ng sobra as in hindi...
  • comedy
  • astro
  • wattys2018
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Convenience Store (Chanyeol/ SMUT) by The_Wind_0218
Convenience Store (Chanyeol/ SMUT)by The Wind/Diablo
He was always there. In that convenience store. Always buying ingredients and food. Maybe a cook?? But something always catches my attention... His hair... so blue and...
  • silverhair
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