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Aurora couldn't knock off the bad feeling that was settled in her stomach as she sat on the couch in the Burrow. Harry had a serious talk with Remus, Tonks and Arthur Weasley about the task Voldemort supposedly got Draco Malfoy doing; something most of the adults didn't believe one bit. Why on Earth would the most powerful wizard get a young school boy to do a deed for him? It both made no sense and all the sense in the world to Aurora.

Night began settling in when Remus and Tonks said their goodbyes to the Weasley's, Harry and Aurora. The black haired witch hugged the pair tightly before she walked them towards the door of the Burrow; Molly following and trying to persuade them to stay for a little bit longer. Aurora wished that the pair did stay for longer, but she also knew they couldn't; the Full Moon was nearing and it was already taking an effect on Remus Lupin.

"We should really go," Tonks explained in a soft tone, her eyes lingering on Remus as he looked exhausted and sweaty, "The first night of the cycle's always the worst."

Aurora walked up to Remus, his body was stiff as his eyes focused on something deep in the long  dry wheat that surrounded most of the house.

"Remus?" Arthur Weasley asked, his voice calm as he looked at the younger man.

Eyes turned to face him but he didn't say a word, as Tonks placed her hand gently on his arm a loud noise emerged from above. Aurora's dark eyes turned to look upwards, gasping in shock when she saw a large - what looked like fireball - speeding down from the night sky. Suddenly, a cackle she was all too familiar with was heard, accompanying the fireball that lit a large circle around the Burrow causing everyone to panic.

A black shadow manifested right in front of them. 

Bellatrix Lestrange.

 Aurora felt her jaw clench as she reached for her wand; which previously was tucked away safely in her pocket. She watched as Bellatrix cackled before turning around and running off into the tall wheat. Without a second thought, Aurora sprinted after the woman. She heard people calling her but their voices faded as the adrenaline pumped through her veins.

"I killed Sirius Black," Bellatrix sang mockingly. Her voice was high pitched as she cackled, "I killed Sirius Black. You coming to get me?"

And, yes, Aurora was most definitely coming to get her. She ran faster than she ever had in her entire life. She wanted Bellatrix to pay. The crazy woman deserved to die; and not only for what she had done to Sirius Black, but also for what she had done to Frank and Alice Longbottom.

"You coming to get me? "

Aurora's knuckles turned white from the tight grip she had on her wand, she was surprised she didn't snap the thing there and then. As she ran, the insanely tall wheat cut at her skin, but the adrenaline masked all of that. She could also hear panting from behind her - as if someone else followed - but her mind was purely focused on Bellatrix Lestrange.

Suddenly, the cackling stopped and everything turned silent. Aurora felt her feet also coming to a stop as her chest rose up and down at an incredible speed. She whipped her head around, trying her best to see in the dark night, just when she was about to light the wheat field using her wand a body ran into her, knocking her off balance and causing her to slam down into the ground.

"Oh, my God!" The voice that belonged to the body exclaimed, "I'm so sorry!"

The black haired witch recognised the voice immediately, she looked up and saw Harry leaning down to grab her hand and she let him lift her up off the ground.

"What are you doing here, Harry?" She asked, dusting off the dirt from the back of her jeans.

"The same thing as you," The young boy replied before the pair were cut off by a shrill scream.

Without hesitation, they ran towards the scream. Aurora arrived there first and saw Ginny - in her white dressing gown - standing in the small pond with Fenrir Greyback standing in front of her. 

"Stupefy!" Aurora yelled lifted her wand up towards the werewolf as Harry ran in front of the redhead to shield her. The werewolf blocked the spell with ease and stared at the trio before turning into a black shadow and flying up into the air.

Both Harry and Aurora blocked Ginny from view. Their wands were held up high as they turned in the direction of every sound they heard; and they heard many. Harry finally grabbed Ginny's arm, pulling her out of the pond causing his shoes to squelched. Aurora, however, stayed where she was. She could feel the cold pond water seeping in through her converse but that was the least of her worries right now; she needed to keep both Ginny and Harry safe out in the field.

"Aurora! Harry!" 


Aurora ignored the shouting of Remus and Arthur Weasley as her eyes locked onto the dark, cold eyes of Bellatrix. Without thinking she began firing spells at the curly haired woman, who instantly did the same to Aurora.

Ginny and Harry quickly followed her actions as Greyback assisted Bellatrix.

Tonks and Remus suddenly emerged from the fields, taking protective positions in front of the trio, with their wands raised up high. As soon as the pair arrived the spells coming from Lestrange and Greyback stopped and eery silence took over them.

A loud hiss came from somewhere in the tall wheat - just after Arthur Weasley emerged from it - and two black shadows flew up into the night sky. The group watched them and gasped loudly when the shadows flew through the Burrow, setting the house on fire.

"Molly," Arthur muttered under his breath before he took of sprinting back to the house; which was now crumbling down due to the immense damage.

"Fred," Aurora muttered under her breath and she did the exact same as Arthur. Running out of the pond and into the tall wheat, she heard her shoes squelching but her mind was focusing on getting back to the Burrow as fast as she possibly could.

The nearer she got, the louder the sound of wood crackling became as panic overwhelmed her entire body. She reached the end of the wheat field just seconds after Arthur and instantly her eyes scanned over the bodies that were standing outside watching their home burn.

Tears gathered in her eyes as she ran towards one specific tall figure, throwing her arms around Fred's neck as the pair cried into each other's shoulders. Emotions overflowing as they witnessed their home burning down. Even though, Aurora wasn't a Weasley, she was always made to feel like one and the Burrow had become a second home to her, seeing it in such a state broke her heart.

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